“I have attended Donna’s workshop 4 times. I do it every time she is in town. Why? Because the wealth of knowledge is never fully absorbed. This January I was highlighted in LOCALE magazine as one of the top 10 bridal artists in OC. That didn’t happen because of trial and error. It happened because strategic planning and always investing in my personal development. So should you take her bridal courses? The question really should be are you ready to become one of the best most respected artists out there? If yes, THEN DO IT!”

– Jeannette Minera Plecia

“I’ve taken all of Donna Mee’s main bridal courses and her successful freelance career workshop and I have not been the least bit disappointed. I would strongly recommend any of her courses to makeup artists who are serious about their career, Donna will help you develop the tools needed and build your confidence level at the same time.”

-Brianna Ruben Huntington Beach, California


“I did this class and it is awesome… I used to do a lot of weddings in Europe for many years and taught bridal makeup. But Donna’s bridal class showed me new options and how to do it better. I would say not just how to do bridal business but how to do bridal business successfully. Since her class I can see they are happier with what I do. They even book me more such as eyebrows, lash extensions and facials….so from each wedding I have more business than before. If you want to know how to do successful bridal business, I absolutely recommend this class.”

– Alex Dejdarova Loa Angeles, California


“Donna this have been mind blowing! I just want to keep listening to you talk because you’re a wealth of information. Thank you so much for nudging us in the right direction!”

– Sarah Araza California

“Donna, thanks so much for the wealth of information you shared with us during the bridal workshop. All of this information is so empowering! ”

– Noemi Monico Gonzales , San Clemente CA

“I’ve been in the industry for 10+ years and each time she blows me away with a wealth of information. It isn’t just about makeup; you’ll gain so much more.”

– Sharla Mohney Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Donna Mee is one of the best educators that I have come across in the industry… I have learned so much from her and it was truly a light bulb experience. If given the opportunity I would not hesitate to take more of her classes!”

– Iris Maglanoc London, United Kingdom

“Donna has so much information to give and hands it all to you on a silver platter. Do the things that she has proven to work and practice them until you know your worth and that the sky is the limit. If we’re not willing to invest in ourselves how can we convince others to do the same? I am taking her course in Bridal right now and am already learning so much!”

– Nina Marie Diaz Thornton, Colorado

“Ever since taking this class I have been able to make a checklist of things to ask brides in a way that’s completely conversation as to better understand what they are wanting in their makeup that will fit with what type of style of wedding they are having. Because of Donna I have been able to build trust and confidence with my bridal clients in making sure I go over important details which has insured a  100% booking rating. Thank you Donna!”

– Peta-Gai McLaughlin, Melbourne Australia

“The 6 months BEFORE Donna’s bridal marketing class, I had only $5,000 in bridal business. Within the 6 months AFTER her class, I made over $26,000 by following her advise just by changing the way I was doing things, She taught me to be a better business woman and I am real proof that what she says is true and works because I am almost entirely booked out for weddings this year and it is only January!”

– Rebacca O’Hare Canberra, Australia

“ WOW… his bridal class has already paid off in less than 2 weeks of taking it! Today I collected $2,000 upfront from brides at a bridal event and a $1,100 deposit from a bride that I haven’t even met or done a preview for. I really thought that I would never be able to collect 50% of the entire wedding party booking in the first phone conversation!  This course has totally changed my business into a booming bridal business!”

– Sandra Saenz Dallas, Texas

“OMGAHHHH, I’ve booked seven 7 out of 7 of the wedding inquiries I have received since completing Donna’s booming bridal business course just over a week ago!!! I’m elated and slightly emotional. Everyone should revise their bridal business per Donna’s recommendations do it now because I promise you will get results!”

– Sharleen Carlos Orange, California

“Today after doing my first trial since you’re training, I took some of your instructions as to my dealings with my bride. I asked the bride to come to her apartment with her own make up on. This is a brilliant idea and I can see exactly how the client does her own makeup and it was very helpful for me when designing her makeup look. Why did I never think of this before! There is no guest work! I can tell my client was wearing the wrong shade of foundation so this was handy for me to be able to help my client out as I could offer her to help select a new foundation for her to wear as well as booking her for a custom brow arching appointment a few days before her big day. This client has all these stuffed birds around her house and is passionate about collecting them. She had some peacock feathers she wanted to use the hair and at first I thought they weren’t very classical bridal as she showed me pictures to hang them into her hair. I suggested that we create a feature piece instead of hanging them from her hair like the pictures she showed me which will look more tribal warrior rather than brida,l as you told us to speak up and avoid disasters from your very amusing stories of bridal experiences.

I have been drafting up templates ever since your class and have so much work to do to make this business the success I can envision it to be all thanks to you. I will never see a wedding in the same way ever again.”

-Corrine Jones Melbourne, Australia

“This class has seriously been life-changing. Thanks to this class I’ve been able to build up my bridal business to be working freelance full time. It’s very difficult to see the difference you’re making other than a bonus here and there. It’s the company owner whose dreams are being realized thanks to your work. However when you’re working for yourself you see the results straightaway and know that all your effort is worth it because you’re living your dream. Hey wake up every day so thankful that I’m working on my own terms, the hours I want to do, taking the bookings I want to take an answering to myself. It’s all 100% thanks to Donna in this class that I was able to branch out on my own. Everything she teaches you to do is so simple once you know how, so it makes it easy to go off and do it yourself and it really does snowball and get easier and easier to get bookings. Your business is going to skyrocket after this! Not only will you get more bookings, but you’ll earn so much more on every booking you take!”

– Jen Ellis Mandurah, Australia

“I enrolled in the “How to Create a Booming Bridal Business” master class on Thursday 19th December. I would have loved to do all of Donna’s classes but hopefully next time around it will happen as I didn’t have funds readily available this time. I must admit, I did have pretty high expectations as I had heard sooooo much about how great Donna’s classes were. I had read a few testimonials from past students who had taken this particular class and decided it was worth it to try and really grow my freelance business. Donna was fabulous and I certainly absorbed a lot of information while taking pages of notes to be able to refer to and utilise in the future.

I would gladly recommend to other makeup artists to take one of Donna’s classes and I look forward to doing more of her master classes next time she is in Australia. Overall though, I’m glad I decided to do the master class as I did take quite a bit away from it that I will use in the growth of my business and I’m looking forward to putting it all into practice.”

– Maria Russo Melbourne, Australia

“I had a wedding trial makeup application with a mother and daughter that are both getting married in the same week and they are both completely opposite in their styles!  Thanks to Donna Mee and her training, I had never had the type of great response from these two ladies today… ever! They were both shocked and happy at how great they looked, and they both booked me!  Donna, you have made a huge difference to me and my business I can’t wait to learn more from you somehow.”

– Joanne Banks Perth, Australia

“Donna, I wanted to let you know how stoked I was after doing makeup for my second wedding today! While I was in my fifth week of classes with Donna, I assisted on my very first wedding. I was not very confident then. But I assisted the same makeup artist on another wedding today. Even though so far, I have only had four days of P.R.B., (Print, Runway & Bridal Class) after the wedding this morning, I walked out of there so satisfied and so confident! I avoided all the mistakes that I’ve since learned I did in the first wedding and improved so much. But also, I saw a huge difference between the quality of my work and the other makeup artist I worked with; who is self-taught and been doing bridal makeup for six years. I was honestly intimidated working with this artist at first because of her years of experience. But today, I saw the artists work up close when the clients came to me so I could do their lips. I almost freaked out because it was so bad! The foundation was dry and cracked and the eye shadow and eyeliner was terrible. It all looked TERRIBLE up close. Whereas mine looked fabulous at a distance and up close because I followed all the steps you taught us in the Introduction to Makeup, Expert Artistry Techniques and Print, Runway & Bridal courses! She didn’t even bother prepping the client’s faces and told me I didn’t have to either. But I’VE seen the difference when you don’t prep!! Like you always say, “You don’t know what you don’t know!” WHAT WOULD I HAVE DONE WITHOUT YOU AND THE EDUCATION YOU HAVE GIVEN ME?! Seriously!!

Now I finally understand what you meant when you said, “Your services and rates should be what you know and believe in our hearts you are worth.” I have already learned so much that it is incredible. I still have a long way to go but I’m so excited to learn more in my final 4 weeks of your P.R.B. course. I really appreciate you Donna. Thank you for everything you do for us students.”

– Rachelle Lee, Cerritos, CA

“We’ve learned massive amounts of info. It’s definitely a lot to take in and absorb but it’s all very beneficial in creating the perfect bridal business. Old habits are really going to be a struggle to break, but in order for me to achieve success, I have to learn to change my mindset to make my business boom like no other. Donna is teaching us everything she can to make our dreams come true. She is educating us on things we shouldn’t do and things we should definitely be doing, because it’s the little things that could make or break us. Her heartfelt stories are so real and genuine and they just make me want to value myself more and see my worth so I can articulate my services to the bride with confidence and conviction. I’m so sad that class is almost over. 2 more days to go, but it’s going by so fast and I don’t want it to end. Thank Donna See for all your time, energy, effort, humor, knowledge, love and support in teaching us everything we need to know to thrive. You’re pretty unbelievable!”

– Sandy Le, Mission Viejo, CA