“WOW- I actually feel very emotional and teary after your amazing presentation. I learned more from you in that hour than the last 10 trainings I have attended! I would buy absolutely anything you are selling! Thank you!”

– Cal Butler, Gold Coast, Australia IMATS

“Sunday, at IMATS you were just brilliant!  I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned A LOT!!  But thank you, thank you, thank you, for Tuesday nights training. It was just AMAZING.  I learned more in 3 hours from you about makeup application than in any other course I have ever taken; and some of my past courses have been several months long!!  You are a true master, a complete inspiration!!”

 – Karen Dyer Wamberal, Australia

“I loved Donna Mee’s presentation, so I also attended the 3-hour workshop on Monday night, which was worth every penny! I learned heaps about things I never would have thought about previously.”

-Caroline Rose, IMATS Sydney

“I saw you at the IMATS London show and I thought your seminar was very interesting!  I love your work.  It is so flawless and beautiful.  I just wanted to say I loved listening to you and also reading about you and how passionate you are about makeup, and your advice on how to make the most out of this industry.  Like you, I love my job and get excited about going to every booking.  I hope you enjoyed your time in London! Stay happy, stay creative, and stay focused.”

– Michelle Court Rayleigh, England

“Donna Mee was fabulous today at IMATS Sydney! IMATS attendees begged her to put on an additional class at her hotel before she left. She was that good!”                        

 -Roberta De-Santis, Perth, Australia

“The IMATS was fantastic this year! The Highlight for me was Donna Mee’s contouring & highlighting class.   Thank you Donna!  I thoroughly enjoyed your contouring presentation.  I’d have loved to meet you afterwards but you were swamped by other attendees afterwards, and for good reason!   I hope the future presents more opportunities for you to speak and that I can attend.  Until then…best wishes!”

–  Sharon Hawkey, Los Angeles CA IMATS LA

“I attended Donna’s presentation at Sydney IMATS 2010. Her topic was Contouring & Highlighting. Before I finished reading the brochure I already decided to go. I’m really glad I did! Donna ROCKED the whole center by her amazing illustration and wonderful personality! I have heard many other makeup artists talking about contouring & highlighting but Donna offered the most enlightening ideas about this subject. Even though the presentation was only for an hour, it answered so many questions of mine. Donna made contouring & highlighting, for the first time, become practical instead of theoretical. The next day I went to a small group training, along with some other makeup artist, to hear Donna talk more about contouring & highlighting. She demonstrated on some of us. We literally transformed in seconds with her magical hands! After the group training, I had a private session with Donna. We talked more about my own makeup issues. Once again, she cleared up the confusions I had about doing my own makeup just like that. She provided solutions and kindly demonstrated on me. What amazes me the most is that Donna is not only the master of western makeup but also Asian makeup. It is often difficult for a makeup artist to achieve this because of the significant differences between western and Asian face structures and the senses of aesthetics. However, Donna has mastered both, which makes her one of the greatest artists in the world.I feel so lucky that I took the opportunity to go to Donna’s IMATS presentation, her group training and the private session. I have learned so much from her and I truly feel that I have upgraded myself to a whole new level. I definitely hope that IMATS will bring Donna back for more & more. To those who are eager to find your way to the makeup industry, I’d definitely recommend Donna to you, because of her passion in makeup, her talent in creating all kinds of makeup styles, her great personality and rich experience in this industry. Above all, she is the Queen of Contouring & Highlighting!”

-Mariah Zhong, Australia IMATS

“I attended both of Donna Mee’s classes held after IMATS and she rocked my make-up foundations (no pun intended!) by showing me techniques that I didn’t even know I was missing from my skill set!  They were so simple and yet so amazingly effective that I couldn’t believe the difference it made.  Additionally, Donna was so lovely and happy to share her unbelievable knowledge of all things make-up with all of us that we were all in awe and stitches of laughter the whole time.  I can’t wait until I see her again!”                   -Amber Elayne, Australia, IMATS Sydney

“You were AMAZING today, at IMATS.  Thank you so much for being such a big inspiration!  I got home and worked on my contouring and highlighting like crazy. Every little thing you said helped and made me say” I can do this- I can be great!”  I aspire to be an artist like you one day!”

-Bronwyn Keeley, Sydney Australia

“Unfortunately I only caught the last half of Donna Mee’s presentation at Sydney’s IMATS in 2010, and I was blown away. I have always enjoyed corrective make-up, but have never had it explained in such an easy manner that makes so much sense before. No wonder she had the largest audience at IMATS. Luckily Donna has since returned to Sydney in January 2011 and I had the opportunity to spend a week learning Donna’s techniques and gaining a whole new understanding on color theory. Her knowledge is quite extraordinary. I learned learn so much; not only about techniques, but also products and their ingredients. Her enthusiasm for Makeup is exhilarating, and certainly was a great motivational start to the year. I have done many workshops over the years, but I have never had a teacher that has shared so much within such a short space of time as Donna. It is almost hard to keep up with the volume of knowledge that comes from her. I would highly recommend anyone serious about becoming a Makeup Artist and anyone who thinks that they “know all there is to know”… to attend her classes, as you will leave with a much broader understanding of this craft. I hope that Donna Mee comes back to Sydney again soon; otherwise I will need to start saving for an airfare to the USA. I am extremely glad to have had the privilege of knowing and learning from a true Beauty Expert, Donna Mee.”

-Nicolle Adrichem, Sydney NSW Australia

“Love my first IMATS show.  It won’t be my last- unless you’re not speaking again here next year!  I LOVED my time in Donna Mee’s class.  It was the best part of the day and made the price of the show well with it.”

-Valeria Cruz  Irvine CA IMATS LA

“I also took a class by Donna Mee at the 2010 LA IMATS. May I just say “WOW!”?! It was quite possibly the best class I’ve ever taken. She really got into the scientific logistics of beauty. I have always wanted to go to Empire where she teaches, so this was a total treat for me. Donna was not only very informative, but also absolutely hilarious! She made jokes along with giving such helpful information so it was easily absorbed. I would love the chance to learn from her again.”

-Lacy Wynant. IMATS LA

“After seeing Donna Mee’s fantastic, informative and inspiring presentation at Sydney IMATS, I was lucky enough to do a small group 3 hr workshop with her.
I have never had anyone explain to me the structure of the face and how to shade and correct it like Donna did. I learnt so many new tips and trick that I could instantly apply to my work. It also made me realize that I did a lot of things instinctively and correctly but now I understand the science behind them. I can’t wait till Donna’s book comes out and hope to see her again next year at IMATS Sydney. She was definitely the best presenter I saw there. Thank you Donna!”

-Simona Janek, Australia IMATS

“Donna Mee…….Beauty Expert Extraordinaire! In my eyes the complete master of the industry.  You truly have changed the way I perceive beauty & makeup forever!!
I first crossed your path at IMATS Sydney 2010 and within the first five minutes of your seminar I was totally captivated. NEVER before have I heard or read anything like the wealth of information you were sharing with us………”the true science behind beauty & makeup”.  And now having completed the 6 one day seminars  you recently presented in Sydney, I have a hunger and drive in me because it’s like I’m seeing & learning this all for the first time again. The way that you teach and the in-depth knowledge you impart, makes me feel like I have been reading children’s story books for the past 4 years, but now I have a complete encyclopedia!  Donna you are truly an amazing unique educator, who you can easily tell lives & breathes what you teach as your passion is so evident. Your skill and knowledge is inspirational, but even more so your ability to explain and educate other people is second to none.  I can’t thank you enough for all that you have taught me and I so look forward to you returning to Australia hopefully in the near future so I can learn & grow even more as I strive to become an amazing makeup artist.  You are an incredible talent! ”

-Karen Dyer NSW Central Coast,  Australia

“First of all just want to say I just love love love you. I saw you at IMATS this year in Sydney. I attended one of your IMATS workshops that goes for an hour. I learn so much from that session. I have been using all the techniques that I have learned from you and all I can say is …. It’s AWESOME. You’re AWESOME. I would love to attend your exclusive workshop if you ever come back next year here in Sydney. Imagine what I can learn from you in a days worth.”

– Joanne Candelaria, Sydney Australia

“I loved your presentations at IMATS, Donna, you are very exciting, informative and humorous.  Also scary at times but so inspiring!  Thank you for sharing your hard earned experience and knowledge with us.”

– Tracy Becken, Locks n Lashes (Hair & Makeup Designers)

“When signing up to take Donna Mee’s 4 week Master class in Sydney, I was expecting the best having already seen her seminar at IMATS the year before.  Throughout the course and afterwards, I can say that Donna actually exceeded my expectations by far.  Every day I was having “light bulb moments.”   Before Donna’s class, I had previously studied at a makeup school and felt as though I really hadn’t learned much there.   Donna’s class was a different experience and very refreshing.  Her approach to teaching is like nothing I have ever experienced before; everything she says completely makes sense and is so interesting.  The way Donna goes in-depth on theory and holds your attention is amazing.  I cannot thank Donna enough for everything she has taught me I am forever grateful!!”

– Bronwyn Candy-Keeley  Sydney, Australia