“Donna is exceptional . The knowledge and confidence I have gained while in attendance to her courses has been beyond my imagination. Not only does she teach a wide variety of items from basic makeup applications and skin care, to photography lighting concepts but she also teaches on the importance of responsibility and confidence in yourself.  Since I have been taught by her, I have done photo shoots, charity fashion shows, weddings/proms and continue to freelance on a weekly basis.  Without training and gaining the knowledge that I did with her, I wouldn’t have the confidence in myself to pursue my career as a makeup artist.”

-Marina Pedroza, Tusin, CA

“Donna Mee is an exceptional makeup instructor who really knows her stuff.  She seemed to have the answer to every beauty question – as nothing ever stumped her.  She has a commanding presence and teaching style. I couldn’t get enough!  Donna really knows how to motivate and inspire people; whether it’s a photographer, hairstylist, or a fellow makeup artist, everyone can learn from Donna and everybody wants to learn from her.  She’s extremely passionate about her craft and it’s no surprise that she is so successful.  Her success is contagious and can be seen through those she has taught.  If there is one thing that you cannot teach, it’s charisma and Donna has it.  She truly is a rare gem and has the ability to leave a lasting impact on people’s lives.  She is the best beauty mentor out there.”

-Patty Gee, Yorba Linda, CA

When I began my education with Donna, I had no idea where it would lead me.  Thanks to her, I had the opportunity of a lifetime.  Through instruction and hands-on experience, I acquired the tools necessary vital for a career in this industry.  In addition to practical advice and techniques, I have also learned many life lessons.  I have grown tremendously as a person and as an artist as a result.  Donna always saw my talent even when I could not find it myself. Her supportive words, “You can do this!” still hold special meaning and help me get through obstacles I did not think I could conquer.  Thank you Donna!”

-Melissa Gonterman, Huntington Beach, CA

“My education with Donna were the most enlightening, exciting, and educational experience of my life – a sadly amusing fact since I have my B.A. degree! Although I have done makeup on the side for several years, I hoped formal training would improve my skills. With Donna, I have gained valuable experience, improved my skills, and am much more confident. Because of the schools teaching style, I continue to learn and grow as an artist with each makeover. My training enabled me to quit my corporate job and pursue a career in makeup artistry full-time. Thank you Donna for giving me this gift!”

– Julie Golovkin-Juden , Mission Viejo, CA

“Attending courses and learning from Donna Mee has honestly been one of the most life changing experiences for me.  I loved the creativity and beauty of makeup artistry, however I did not realize all the intricate details about science and skincare that go into being a successful makeup artist. My education with Donna has taught me so much more than just makeup application skills. Donna Mee pushes us to reach our goals and achieve success in the industry with integrity and compassion.”

-Kierra Grippa, Los Angeles, CA

“I started off as a seasonal cashier at Sephora last year and they kept me on staff because of all my training and knowledge in both skincare and makeup I received from Donna Mee.  In less than a year, I was promoted again to become a trainer/educator for my store, because, your passion for education trickled down to me.  Next year I will start traveling all around the U.S. and Canada to teach others. Thank you again so much for all you’ve taught me.  I LOVE my job and the position I’ve been promoted to. I wake up every day, getting ready to do what I love, while getting paid for it, and I feel like most people don’t feel that way.”

-Stephanie Jun, Cerritos, CA

“I would highly recommend Donna Mee’s teaching for students of any age. After hearing outrageous prices and half-baked curriculums at schools in Los Angeles, we checked her   out. Being the skeptical father, I was trying to get the best educational edge for my teenage daughter. I had the pleasure of sitting in and learned there is actually a “Nuts and Bolts” approach to the makeup field. My daughter graduated and immediately got constant work with brides, TV, video, and print. Empire has provided a very solid base from which my daughter, Carlene Kearns, was able to launch her new endeavor. It gave her the confidence and the every day tools to deal with the real world.”

-Eric Kirkhuff, Huntington Beach, CA

“For years I did not realize the knowledge I was missing out on being a self-taught makeup artist. Being taught by Donna Changed my life. It has helped me look at the industry in a whole new way, as well as given me the necessary tools to compete at a higher level of the trade.  After completing 240 hours of training, I have gone on to expand my bridal and print work business. There are things I have learned at with Donna that rivaled the difficulty of my most challenging college courses, and there is no doubt it is the ONLY school for those, “serious about a career in makeup.”

– Gretchen Andrews, Irvine, CA

“Donna is AMAZING! I have gotten more light bulb moments in the past year than I ever got in 4 years in College. I have sat in a 9.5 hour lecture, walked out at 1:30 in the morning and wanted to go review my notes. She is so passionate about her work and the quality of makeup artist that leave her school. She only expects the best from you because she only gives the best of her. She has challenged me to go were I didn’t think I could go creatively. I would not be were I am if it was not for her. I am excited to know that my future as a makeup artist is going to be amazing because of all the knowledge she has so generously shared with all of us. Thank you Donna! You are a class Act!”

– Jennette Pulecio  Orange County, CA

“I truly believe my decision to be taught by Donna has been the best decision in my life. . Once I completed the Intro course I knew there was no turning back at that point. I thirst for more knowledge and training for I knew everything I learned with her would help me grow tremendously as the successful artist I thrive to become. I grasped knowledge on skin care, client psychology, professionalism, confidence, business and so much more. Donna doesn’t just teach she puts passion into every word she says and make sure her students comprehend every subject taught.  I cannot thank Donna enough for helping me start my career doing what I love.”

– Lucky Sin, Long Beach, CA

“Wow- did Donna Mee’s courses ever exceed my expectation! There is significant science and theory behind skin care and makeup artistry that I never would have imagined and I studied just as hard if not harder than I did for many of my college courses.  Teacher quality is the most important factor influencing student achievement. A significant number of successful working artists have been born out of Donna’s mentorship as a reflection of what an amazing teacher she is. It’s rare that a teacher can captivate students in such a way that she does and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of every class. In addition the entire staff is very professional and knowledgeable and there is no shortage of hands on experience and one on one help. In five short months I acquired the tools and knowledge to pursue a whole new career path and an experience I will cherish forever. Thank you Donna for all you have taught me in this short time! Your passion and dedication really left an impression on me and I’ll pass that on to every client in my chair! “

-Suzy DeSilva, Irvine, CA

“Donna’s Print, Runway and Bridal class and in-depth bridal marketing really exceeded my expectation of how much we would learn about doing weddings! Not only did she give tons of valuable, time-tested tips on how to get a business started with brides-to-be and spreading the word in the industry, but even how to plan the scheduling and make a wedding job run smoothly. It’s been just over two years since my first paid wedding, and I have already worked with over 200 brides! I could not have done it without Donna’s ideas and guidance, and I want to thank her for helping me pursue my dream!”

-Berit Deguid, Laguna Beach

“I feel like I cannot speak enough about my experiences with Donna as training with her was the best decision I ever made. So many beauty schools or other makeup schools out there say that they teach makeup. It’s honestly nothing you haven’t read in a magazine or heard before! But with Donna, the information that you receive is so different than what’s being taught/spread on TV, in your local cosmetics department in the mall, or even from your dermatologist! And this is all information that is coming from “specialists!”  Having attended such schools before finding her, I can tell you-There is no comparison! The education I received at Empire was so advanced! The artistry techniques, products, advanced skincare, and business/tax information really prepared me for the industry. When I meet people, they are always so impressed. They always ask me, “How old are you? You know so much!” They are always surprised that I have so many answers for them. At 21 years old, I DO have a lot of information to give, and this is just the beginning of building my career as a makeup artist. I am so happy to be able to make a difference in other people’s confidence and perception of themselves; the way Donna has changed those things for me. If you are an esthetician, hairdresser, or just someone looking for great skincare SOLUTIONS…take a class and discover what everyone is talking about! Donna and your team, I would like to thank you so much for the opportunities and experiences I have received with Donna!”

– Leah Asue, Orange, CA

“Donna Mee is an Amazing Mentor and a Wonderful Captivating Teacher.  Her style puts her above the rest.  She has a way of motivating while teaching that inspires others to reach their individual goals. When someone opens a door for you, you say “Thank You”.  However I cannot come up with the words to express my gratitude for all she’s done. “Thank You” just isn’t enough. She will always have a special place in my heart!”

– Sonia Suttles, Buena Park, CA

“This inspires me to continue to do what I do.  Donna, I get so much joy out of being in your classes. You make me feel better as an artist & person. I want to become a teacher to give the joy/inspiration that you’ve given to me to others. Thank you for being an amazing teacher & an inspiration to many people. I’m sure everyone you’ve ever met or taught feels the exact same way.”

– Jasmine Brevik, Temecula, CA

“I am writing to share my experience of being taught by one of the most captivating and informative instructors I have ever had, Donna Mee.  My experience being taught by her was incredibly rewarding. Prior, I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, and also studied abroad in London, England.  Although the education I received in college was invaluable, it was Donna’s courses that are the most memorable. I moved across the country from Pennsylvania to California solely for for the opportunity to be taught by Donna Mee.  There are so many educators, but I felt none came even close in comparison. This was the best and most rewarding decision I have ever made.  I saw an absolute change in my skin within weeks of beginning Donna’s school and following the skincare basics that she educates about.  I have so much more self-confidence now and this helps me when educating my own clients.  Not only did I learn about skincare and makeup application techniques, but I learned how to be a professional and strong business woman, how to take control of my career and future, how to possess the confidence necessary to be successful, and how to find beauty in myself—something that isn’t taught in college. Donna is concerned with ethics, treating people with respect and sharing her knowledge to really benefit and improve other people’s lives.  This passion is so evident and it has truly inspired me in my career. She is such a great motivator and isn’t afraid to push her students just a little bit further. I know for a fact that without the knowledge I attained from Donna, I would not have gotten as many jobs or clients as quickly, if at all.”

-Katie Polak, Los Angeles, California

“I decided I wanted to become a Makeup Artist and searched to find the right school.  As a single mom with one on the way, I did not have the luxury of time, nor did I want to waste money with an educator that was not going to ensure my success. The curriculum that Donna teaches is very in depth and not for the faint of heart.  Donna is a passionate teacher with so many years of experience under her belt, that she can envision if you have what it takes to succeed or not.  Over and above teaching makeup, she brings things to our attention that will hinder our career success.  Many things are not easy to hear and certainly have to be hard for her to address.  But she does so because she cares that much.  From the start, Donna demands nothing less then what would be expected on a job- and I am eternally grateful for that.  She is one tough cookie, and if you’re late, come to class unprepared or with an attitude, your days at Empire are numbered.  She will only share her talents, teaching and valuable wisdom for those that yearn to work and be the best. I’ve been working since the day I graduated, even throughout my entire pregnancy.  I owe ALL of it to Donna. Thank you so much Donna, for believing in me, and for absolutely not allowing me to give up on my dreams when I gave up on myself.”

-Lila Romay, San Diego, CA

“As a former engineer, I have taken some truly intense classes in my lifetime, but I don’t think any were as complex or rewarding as the ones that I had taken from Donna Mee.  Donna has a plethora of information that she distributes in such a way that she always leaves you wanting more.  She speaks with a refined combination of knowledge and real world experience that is as entertaining as it is educational. Many educators have a great deal of information to pass along, yet their attempts to present the information are dull or painstakingly sterile, like they are reading from a book. Donna’s gift is the passion with which she teaches, providing inspiration to all those around her.  Her teachings not only inspire her students but she envelopes them with confidence, in their work and themselves, like no one I have ever met.”

-Joseph McDonough, Long Beach, CA

“My uncle helped me finance a loan to attend makeup school. I had to borrow a kit from a friend because it was all I could afford and then finished the class. Since then, I’ve worked with many famous music groups, models, and celebrities. Just recently, I signed up with a makeup artist agency in Los Angeles. None of this could have happened without Donna Mee!  Everyone needs goals and direction in life. If you want to be a makeup artist, trust Donna to give you honest and factual advice.”

-Lavonne Anthony, New York, NY

“Donna is an amazing teacher, makeup artist, and mentor. She taught me to be the artist I am today. I followed her advice and have done many amazing jobs because of Donna and what she taught me about the industry. I can truly say that I feel very lucky to have studied my passion for skin care and makeup under Donna Mee.”

-Amy Drennan, Orange County, CA

At age forty-six, my kids are no longer kids. They are grown and out on their own. Now, it was time for me to ask myself, “Can I go back to school after thirty years?” For years, it had been a dream of mine to make brides beautiful on their special day. I could never have gotten to where I am today without Donna. She is so passionate about teaching and spreading her knowledge. She portrays a love for makeup that is visible every time I step foot into her classroom. Her knowledge and appreciation for makeup makes attending classes all the worthwhile. It gives me chills just thinking about it!  There have been those days where I am stressing out and just out of my mind, but no matter what condition, I always receive a warm smile and encouraging words from her staff, which mean so much to me. As a team, they have made it so easy for me, a forty-six year old, to come back to school.”

-Mary Morrisette, Mission Viejo, CA

After 10+ years of being a nurse practitioner, I searched for something more. After researching many educators in Los Angeles and Orange County, I chose Donna because it was professional, intense, and well-rounded. I loved the Post-surgical workshop so much I enrolled in two additional courses. I thought I was very makeup savvy when I began…Boy was I in for an awakening! I am now using my newly acquired skills as a Dermatologic Nurse. I have found great satisfaction helping people look more beautiful. It is a great feeling! My training at Empire gave me a huge advantage over others in this field.

-Nancy Pellegrino, Villa Park, CA

“Being in the business for several years, I felt I had a good grasp on makeup. Coming to this school, I realized how little I actually knew. I am grateful for all my newfound knowledge and especially for the confidence it has given me. I felt my instructors were sincere in their teachings and always helpful and full of enthusiasm. The instructors showed me how to look for imperfections in my work that I’d otherwise overlook. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is serious about makeup.”

-Synthia Baynes, New York, NY

“Donna is one of the best educators that I have come across in this industry. I have learned so much from her and it was truly a lightbulb experience. Given the opportunity I would not hesitate to do more of her classes.”

Iris Maglanoc London, United Kingdom

“I’ve taken several of Donna’s classes and I can assure you, you will be blown away by the amount of information you learn. So much of my success I can contribute to her and her classes, you won’t regret it!”

-Noemi Gonzales San Clemente, California

“Donna has been very vital to my career. Her in-depth knowledge on how to make artistry a full time business is simply translated and effective for those that utilize her knowledge and advice. Thanks to Donna, I now have a portfolio of images I am proud of that has led to having work with Australian in American agencies, print publications, regular work with TV and protection agencies. It is my goal to become a signed agency artist and with Donna’s guidance, I am confident that I am on the path to achieving this. Her passion, knowledge and support for her student’s success is unwavering inauthentic. She is an incomparable force of brilliance in our industry. It’s safe to say there is no one else like her.”

– Clarissa Williams Melbourne, Australia

“It’s hard to put into words what Donna’s teachings have done for me but I would honestly have to start by describing it as life-changing!  I have been to make up artist for 10 years and had so many ups and downs in the process of building a business. In the 10 years that I have been in that industry, I have never been able to commit full time so I’ve always had a part-time job to keep me afloat. Am happy to say that when I came home last week from taking her courses I contacted my employers and putting my notice! It was very scary and a bittersweet moment for me but having the knowledge and tools that Donna provided us with I now know that there’s nothing standing in my way!  My confidence in my skill set and ability to run a successful business has never been higher and it’s all because of Donna! Taking her course comes with my highest recommendation, you will not be disappointed!”

– Brittany Rollins

“Thank you so much for exploding my mind and heart Donna. So much growth ahead, I cannot wait put all of it into practice. You have inspired me to push harder for my dreams.”

– Chanel George, Los Angeles California

“I am appreciative beyond words for all the knowledge you shared with us. From those light bulb moments to all the heartbreaking hard lessons. You’ve been open and willing to share the story so we went there you. I’m able to walk away with as a more confidence artist, which is something I’ve been struggling with for a long time. This marks the beginning of a new career for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

-Dani Pnelli Melbourne, Australia

“I’ve taken all of Donna Mee’s main courses and one of her workshops and have not been the least but disappointed. I would strongly recommend any of her courses to makeup artists who are serious about their career, Donna will help you develop the tools needed and builds your confidence level at the same time.”

-Brianna Ruben Huntington Beach, California

“I am very fortunate to have been taught by Donna Mee. I had my first test photo shoot before I even finished my classes and I’ve been working consistently ever since. I graduated just three months ago and this is an example of the feedback I was given from 3 photographers I’ve worked with in just the past week: One has asked me come to Miami to work with him. Another photographer, while retouching the images from our shoot asked if I airbrushed everything because he thought my brushwork was REALLY good. And the other photographer said “Cristina, your makeup is perfect.” And that photographer shoots with less forgiving, old-fashioned film!

I am absolutely amazed and humbled by such encouraging feedback from industry pros considering I’ve just started my career. Donna teaches from her heart. Her love and passion coupled with practical, in-depth information makes for a truly unparalleled educational experience. Whether you are a new artist like myself, or someone who wants to elevate their abilities and career… Applying just a portion of the generous insight Donna shares with her students, virtually guarantees success.”

– Cristina McLamb San Clemente, California

“Donna Mee you highlight a lot about makeup and beauty photoshoots. My mind became richer because of your creative knowledge. Thank you for your tips, you are the best! You are the queen of makeup!”

– Olimpia Zajac  Sydney, Australia

“I’m so very grateful that we met!! You are a real diamond.  You are honestly so cool & great to work with. And you are NOT SELFISH with your knowledge. May good blessings follow you throughout your life. “

– Naz Kremzar Johannesburg, South Africa

“My head is spinning. So much info on one day. So many AHA moments. Got one huge head ache but in a good way. Thank you Donna Mee for all you are doing for us as MUA. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of the past 33 years. Hope you are already planning your next visit to South Africa.”

– Hannelie Burger Johannesburg, South Africa

“Donna Mee such an amazing teacher when it comes to all things makeup. Here is why.  She teaches from a basis of SCIENCE!  Science allows you to have a predictable outcome each and every time. This produces predictable results for the makeup artist.  Such as, if you do this, then that will happen. ALWAYS!!!

Most of the successful artists get by, just winging it and having some talent. But the rest of us don’t and then wonder why our careers aren’t taking us to where we’d like to be or why our work doesn’t improve even thought we are working really hard at it.

As makeup artists, we need to see things differently. That is one of the things Donna teaches. You will see color, proportion, shadows, and dimensions differently. It will literally change the way you view the world. Once you master the science behind why you place cosmetics where you do (and sometimes don’t) you can practice and have the tools to take your skills up to that level. The only way I can explain it is that once you know water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, you don’t have to wonder why your water isn’t boiling (even thought it is really close) at 211 degrees.

– Gwen Bernardo, Woodlandhills, California

“Donna Mee I’m truly blessed to have found you. Yesterday was a huge success, my first film production. They all loved their makeup, 3 looks on the actress and 4 men’s grooming. Opened doors big time. They all even clapped for me, to thank me, at the end of the day and let me tell you, I brought my emergency kit and saved the day 3 times… You really, really, really know how to teach us how to be successful. At the end from no paid, as agreed first , they gave me $$$ and 2 breaks with catered food, not bad at all.”

– Rocio Jahanbakhsh Lake Forest, California

“For those serious about the makeup business I encourage you to check out Empire Academy of Makeup. I attended a 2 day workshop and let me tell you something if you want to learn from a true professional someone that has actually been working in this industry for YEARS consider this academy, Donna Mee will teach you life changing information with that being said “I’m on fire” and I’m excited for my business.”

– JoAnn Salgado, El Monte, California

“Thank you Donna Mee for all your heart breaks, good and bad. Your disappointments, your successes, because of everything you’ve experienced, whether good or bad it has enabled you to be able to pass on your knowledge and help thousands of new and old artist on how to make their careers a success. Thank you for all your sacrifices throughout your life. I have such a huge respect for you after being in your class and listening to your stories and your knowledge. But most of all your big balls.”

– Leanne Marie Hare, Fountain Valley, California

“Thank you so so much for your way of teaching Donna!! It has truly changed how I do makeup and see everyone’s faces. It kind of does my head in though. I cant stop looking at people without cutting them off in conversation and telling them how they could make some small changes to how they do their makeup or skincare.”

– Diane Jones Melbourne, Australia

“The past three weeks have already opened my eyes, been ups and downs, but I am utterly grateful for Donna, she is the most inspirational, fun, and a hard ass all in one teacher, and I wouldn’t want it any other way, I wouldn’t be able to learn 1/100000000000 from anyone else!”

– Amy Wolfrom Martinez, California

“Each time I listen to Donna Mee the fire inside me grows a little bigger. She is a huge inspiration and absolute fantastic educator, I can’t thank enough for what you’ve done for me Donna Mee. You’re incredible and I’m so excited for the July classes. It was such a pleasure to meet you in person.”

– Mariska Verster Johannesburg, South Africa

“OMG, I just got an email from The Distillerist saying that I’m featured on their top ’10 List of Makeup Artists Cleaning Up The Beauty Industry’! I’m #8 on the list! Thank you Donna. I feel like although I’ve been wanting and working towards this type of recognition, being taught by you has really been the magic touch I needed to reignite my passion for transformation through beauty! This is just the beginning!”

– Terry Alabata, Costa Mesa, California

“I moved to New York and have been freelancing here ever since. I do mostly commercials, network spots etc, but more recently have found there’s a lot of work in web series/ shorts. I flew back to California to do 2 seasons of “Little Women, Big Cars” on AOL, and most recently worked on a web series for Teen Vogue and the School of American Ballet. I have always thought that my choice to learn from you was one of the best choices I ever made. Thank you again for all you’ve taught me and I hope I am still doing you and your school proud! I always remember you telling us that being SERIOUS about makeup was imperative to survive in this industry, and I find that to be more and more true all the time. I’m happy to say I’m one of those people who loves my job.”

– Kristen Power Brooklyn, New York

“Wow, finally I had the opportunity to meet with Donna Mee and take a class with her in Sydney.  She is an amazing inspiration.  My poor stressed mind is so tired because I was flooded with so much information… I did a makeup course almost 6 years ago and the notes I took then over that 10 week course is not even close to the number of pages of notes I generated during Donna Mee’s 8-hour class!  I can’t wait to return home and make some great changes to make my career only bigger and better!”

– Didem Genc, Melbourne, Australia

“Donna Mee is a genius!  I am still processing all the information from my training course.  What a fabulous makeup educator you are!  Thank you for your time.  From one insomniac to another.”

– Katrina Vavdinos Sydney, Australia

“Mind blowing!!!!! Loved the Mastering the Art of Brows workshop.   Everyone should do this!!  Donna… English itself fails me to acknowledge and express just how awesome you are as a makeup beauty expert… And just as the awesome human being you are!!!  You have changed my life and came in the right time!!!”

– Crystal Casas, Perth Australia

“By far the best education I’ve ever experienced has been with Beauty Educator Extraordinaire, Donna Mee. If you want to propel yourself into a higher level of success than you thought imaginable then Donna’s education is a must. It’s mind blowing how much of her knowledge she is willing to share to give you step by step exactly what to do to achieve your goals. She doesn’t just teach you what she thinks is pretty, but instead what will work on any client that sits in your chair. If you look at her graduates work you see that they are top of their game and killing it in the industry. There are a lot of famous artists out there, however, most are not great teachers. I challenge you to find any school, or educator who has created artists that can rival the work of Donna’s grads. It doesn’t exist. The added bonus is that she is the kindest, most genuine person you could hope to meet.”

– Jen Ellis, Perth, Australia

“For anyone thinking about doing aDonna Mee class in Perth…, all I can say is DO IT! Donna has the key to unlock your career as a successful makeup artist! I struggled to get the funds together for today’s class, but I did it and am so grateful as I know what I learnt today will take me to the next level of my career!”

– Nicole Forde, Perth Australia

“Donna…. I can’t THANK YOU ENOUGH for being such an AMAZING TEACHER!  Inspiration! AMAZING Woman!  I am forever grateful for having the opportunity to have learned from you. You have taught me so much that I know I would’ve never learned anywhere else. This class was tough and I know it only gets tougher… but I KNOW I am getting the BEST education with you and having a teacher like you who genuinely cares so much has been so important! Thank you again Donna!”

– Joy Tiger Fountain Valley, CA

“Thank Donna for everything that you taught us.  I swear that I don’t know how you can remember all of the curriculum in makeup and skin care wise!  You have soooooo much valuable information.   I wish I could record every single thing you say because I never want to miss anything you have to tell us students.  I can’t stop telling my family about everything you have taught me.  I know I need to breakthrough my shyness and out of my comfort zone.  I’m really grateful that you personally take time to teach all of us. I can’t wait for more of your wisdom.”

– Stephanie Brito-Morales Santa Ana, CA

“I decided that I wanted to do makeup because I no longer felt fulfilled working as a hairstylist in a salon.  Makeup artistry seemed like the perfect solution to transition into from hairstyling.  I researched and visited many makeup schools in Los Angeles but no school offered the type of advanced curriculum that Donna See is known for. So I enrolled even though it meant I’d be driving almost 4 hours a day to attend.  Attending this school is the best career decision I ever made!

I graduated the 1st week of April 2012 and a month and half later I was already doing, not just bridal makeup but had already done a celebrity wedding!  Two weeks after that bridal client, I was given a booking by Donna and former academy graduate, Kenetia Lee to do makeup for Wendy Williams.  Once there, I used the my client psychology and industry networking skills to additionally do makeup for NeYo at the event.  My business and experience is constantly expanding.  I have only been out of makeup school for six months at this time and I have already created excellent working relationships with many celebrities, producers, photographers, modeling agencies and models. I work constantly and I LOVE what I do!  Learning from Donna is one of the best  decision I ever made!”

– Jazzmene Ellison, Los Angeles, CA

“Donna, thank you so much for the class and all the personal makeup tips…you are awesome! I was just raving about your class to one of my friends and she is not even in the industry!  LOL!  Your classes have really made such a difference in the way I see faces now…It’s been a total game changer for my career!! Thank you again! smile”

– Jennifer Malaszczuk Los Angeles, CA

“Donna is an amazing human being and teacher.  Since the first day I met Donna, I haven’t stop learning from her.  She is truly cares for everyone around her and she shares her knowledge with every person that is willing to learn.  My passion for makeup has exceeded my expectations and created new goals because I know I’m well prepared, I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you have done for me Donna.  I am sure you get a lot of thank you letters, but I just want you to know that you changed my life.  You gave me the tools and knowledge that I needed to start my career.  I learned so much from you.  You are such a smart, talented, and giving person.  I feel that because of you, I feel comfortable getting myself out there and feeling confident in my skills as an artist!  Your giving personality, and leadership has rubbed of on me. 🙂 I have been doing really great! I will be submitting into portfolio building very soon!  I have already completed 10 photo shoots!  I did an independent short film and currently doing a full-length independent film.  Both films are being submitted into Sundance film Festival and a few others! I want you to know all of what I have accomplished is largely due to the people I met through Empire Academy.   I really use the advice and many resources you gave me and it has all really helped my career!   So again, thank you!”

– Jessica Hughes, Yorba Linda, CA

“As you know, I am a makeup artist. The road to this point has not been straight or very clear cut. I started my career working in financial services. I am a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, a cheerleader, a kitchen designer (by degree) and so much more. But, since becoming a makeup artist, I have found my passion in life. I have worked tirelessly to learn, grow and build my business over the last few years and as luck would have it, I found Donna Mee. Some of you may not know her name, but she is a makeup artist, an educator and the woman responsible for bringing Makeup Forever to the US. Donna has been an inspiration to me, by her wisdom and knowledge about makeup application, beauty products and the beauty industry as a whole. She shares her knowledge on her Facebook page, via webinars and YouTube videos as well as hosting Master Classes to educate other makeup artists on what works and what doesn’t. I have learned a great deal from reading Donna’s posts and watching her videos/webinars, but a few things have really struck a chord with me. Specifically, shimmers hide blending issues. And yes, they do…trust me! However, if your makeup is placed correctly, you don’t need to blend as much. Also, when doing your makeup, your eye is naturally drawn to the darkest spot and attention will follow the line or shape where it starts. I have taken these two small pieces of information and it really has changed the way I do makeup. You can notice such a difference in my work, from my very first photograph until today.

I am grateful to Donna for all that I have learned, but I know there is so much more and I am ready for the challenge. I have learned that fear is an obstacle and as artists, we want to be better. Therefore, I will continue to study the work of others, work at practicing my craft and continue to learn from the works of those I admire. Thank you, Donna!!”

– Susan Carabello, Yardley, Pennsylvania

“An enlightening webinar! I actually have things I can bring to the table. Things I wouldn’t have realised without watching this webinar. Thank you for turning on the lights Donna Mee!”

-Amanda Gallen Brisbane, Australia

“So many lightbulb moments in this webinar. Thanks you so much, I always feel so much more motivated after I watch your webinars :)”
— Luisa Pollio Warkworth, New Zealand 
“Thank you Donna. You covered makeup lessons which is the area I specialize in and love to do. Lots of light bulb moments. Brilliant.”
— Daniela Cala Melbourne, Australia
“This is legit the most I’ve learned about business opportunities in both my Esthetics and Makeup Education. I’m so excited for more.”
— Donnisha Boyd
“I only caught the last half of this broadcast but it gave me so many lightbulb moments and business ideas. So, I am committing to getting myself back into a physical condition where I can work as much as I want to, so I can then expand my business and put all my ideas into practice. Thanks again Donna!”
— Claire Hunt Hobart, Tasmania ​
“Thank you Donna for thinking outside of the box with suggestions of things that can be done! I wished I had found you when I lived in LA.”
— Jerri Graham
“This webinar really opened my eyes to just how broad this industry really is and how there really is work everywhere you look. Really has got me thinking how much easier it is to make this a lucrative career. Thank you Donna for such amazing insight to this industry.”
— Sonia Capobianco Gunning, Australia
“This webinar had my husbands attention! We all have the capability to do great things but not all choose to do so. Thank you for this push Donna. I love how you use facts to present real truths. If you are tired of limiting, being fearful, and making excuses as to why you have not reached new heights in your career you have found your answer. I am committed to taking the necessary steps to have a successful year of education in the industry. Have a booming business and not only be a dabber. Launch my website.”
— Jessenia Munoz Orange County, California
“Watching this webinar was like having a bird eye view from the top, great career advice and insight!”
— Mira
“Great webinar. As always, Donna makes learning easy and she has so much information to give to those that want to learn.”
— Karyn Carlson San Jose, California

“Loved this webinar – took pages of notes as usual – and it sparked a few new ideas in me too. the way your mind works, Donna, is differently to other people -and thank goodness for that!! 🙂 Always entertaining.”

— Peta-Gai McLaughlin Melbourne, Australia

“Donna always has the ability to change the way you think and look at things. So much to think about after this one. Exactly what I needed at the moment. Amazing insight and ideas. Well worth it. Thank you!”
— Helen
Love this webinar! Donna provides great insight on the industry and ideas on how to get a part of it, some things I hadn’t even considered previously. Thanks for the encouragement Donna! I’m committed to pushing fear aside and finding self worth!”
— Emily Richardson Melbourne, Australia

“Donna, I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!
Your methods and education are unique effective. Without your guidance I would be lost in the world of wrong information. You have opened my eyes and gave me the tools I needed to help create magical moments.”

–  Anna Skavronsky, Chalfont Pennsylvania

“Always lots of notes from every moment with you! Great to be reminded of the extent of this industry, the different job options, and a little imagination goes a long way to find a way to make it happen. I commit to secure regular commercial accounts this year and to create a system that works for me to organize, break down my goals and create daily, weekly and monthly action plans. Always inspiring!”
— Tammi McDonald Smithtown, New York

“As you know, I am a makeup artist. The road to this point has not been straight or very clear cut. I started my career working in financial services. I am a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, a cheerleader, a kitchen designer (by degree) and so much more. But, since becoming a makeup artist, I have found my passion in life. I have worked tirelessly to learn, grow and build my business over the last few years and as luck would have it, I found Donna Mee. Some of you may not know her name, but she is a makeup artist, an educator and the woman responsible for bringing Makeup Forever to the US. Donna has been an inspiration to me, by her wisdom and knowledge about makeup application, beauty products and the beauty industry as a whole. She shares her knowledge on her Facebook page, via webinars and YouTube videos as well as hosting Master Classes to educate other makeup artists on what works and what doesn’t. I have learned a great deal from reading Donna’s posts and watching her videos/webinars, but a few things have really struck a chord with me. Specifically, shimmers hide blending issues. And yes, they do…trust me! However, if your makeup is placed correctly, you don’t need to blend as much. Also, when doing your makeup, your eye is naturally drawn to the darkest spot and attention will follow the line or shape where it starts. I have taken these two small pieces of information and it really has changed the way I do makeup. You can notice such a difference in my work, from my very first photograph until today.

I am grateful to Donna for all that I have learned, but I know there is so much more and I am ready for the challenge. I have learned that fear is an obstacle and as artists, we want to be better. Therefore, I will continue to study the work of others, work at practicing my craft and continue to learn from the works of those I admire. Thank you, Donna!!”

– Susan Carabello, Yardley Pennsylvania

“Donna Mee is not only a great make up genius but an amazing person with a huge heart! Her knowledge of skin care and make up is amazing! She is my only GO TO professional about skin care and makeup! She is a great instructor, motivator and artist. I have known Donna for years and am confident you will be very happy knowing and working with her as well. You won’t find a more experienced and dedicated beauty consultant. She’s awesome!!!”

– Suzette Manzares, Riverside CA

“Donna Mee is one in a million! She’s always striving to share her wealth of knowledge to anyone wanting to further their beauty expertise. What’s amazing about Donna is that she has a sorry-not-sorry way of giving us her take on new products and beauty techniques, regardless of what new “trends” may be. Her expertise in corrective beauty makes her a mentor that I love to follow, because as a working artist myself, she always has the ability to solve a complex client issue. She has years of experience in this industry and if there’s something new and trending, Donna knows what up. She’s truly a gem!”

– Noemi Gonzales, Tustin CA

“I can’t say enough good things about Donna Mee! I’ve been directing music videos, commercials and photo shoots for over 10 years in LA…. and Donna is an absolute rock star! I’ve worked together with her on every project that I was able to book her for (she’s in demand). and she’s always my first call/choice. She’s taught me a lot about the industry. She’s connected me with all sorts of people and has always been a very loving, caring, talented person for whom I respect and admire greatly. I’ve worked with Donna on tons of shoots for various beauty clients, MTV, Mercedes Benz, many musicians…. and the one thing that has remained consistent about all of those shoots… is that after each of them, despite all the other crazy things going on… every time, without fail, the client(s) will always single out Donna, the makeup artist and mention to me how awesome she is and how happy they where that we booked her for their shoot. Can’t say enough, she’s the very best!”

– Miguel Gunthier, Los Angels CA

“Donna Mee is my go to beauty expert! She is a long time lead and educator in the beauty industry. Her knowledge is vast; color theory, product suggestions, skin types, eye shape…you name it, this woman holds a beauty encyclopedia inside her. She carries with her actual beauty know how rather than flowing with the “trends”. Her wisdom and factual know how is beyond anyone I know and she has spent her life teaching people about products not selling others on them. She’s really a TRUE artist.”

– Christine Lundy

“Donna Mee is the person who taught me just about everything about makeup! Once I decided to make a career in makeup, she was my teacher and mentor. She doesn’t sugar coat things, but tells you the truth. She does it in a way that also makes sense and blows your mind! She would make the absolute perfect asset to any crew. Donna has made the biggest impact on not only my life, but also hundreds of others. I am now a celebrity makeup artist and I owe it to her training and advice.”

– Genevieve Lamb, Los Angeles

“I have attended many of Donna’s classes both here at home in Australia and even in LA. What I have learnt from her was beyond valuable and is nothing you will ever read in a book or find on YouTube. The experience Donna has amassed throughout her career is unfathomable. The careers she has influenced and changed is a testament to her work and many working artists can partly attribute their success to her teachings. Donna is not only beautiful in the outside but even more beautiful in the inside.”

– Sonia Capobianco, Australia

“Donna lives and breathes makeup and beauty. She has lived her life in a “If there is something I don’t know then I will find out” way. As such now she is one of the most respected and well-educated makeup artists out there. She has been in the industry from the times when all you had to do was be better than the next guy or gal and yet she didn’t decide that being better was enough. She decided she needed to be better than yesterday self each and every day. She has the brains to look into and talk about the science of makeup and yet the artistic skill to do the job with charisma and flair. I have been on a couple of her courses and she is so interesting to listen to that she draws you in. If you don’t know something about Makeup or beauty then just ask Donna Mee because she will know!”

– Claire Gibson, Belfast Ireland

“I have had the opportunity to attend multiple speaking events that Donna has presented. At each event I was enlightened by her straight forward, put it all out there method of public speaking. She told the real story, the stories you don’t typically hear in the industry of modeling, beauty, fashion, production and acting. This is what most attracted me to her education and I soon became a follower of her work. As a professional Photographer and former large distribution magazine owner, I have come to offer my support for Donna in any capacity. In my eyes she has a very East Coast tell it like it is demeanor and as someone who is blunt, I always appreciate her openness to being blunt. I have hired many of her Protégé and at each experience, they have demonstrated a baseline knowledge that takes years of experience that I have never seen from other new graduates of any makeup program. I attribute this to Donna Mee’s excellence in representing the industry for what and how it is. She openly gives her knowledge (the good and the bad) to her students and by doing so they are able to adapt to the harsh realities of the industry faster and far better than any other newbie in the industry. Take charge, say it how she sees it and say it in a way that everyone can relate is how I would best describe Donna.”      – Sal Hanna

“I attended Donna Mee’s classes while she was in South Africa as well as I took some one-on-one coaching and online lessons.  Most people approach makeup as an art, but forget that there is plenty of science behind it as well. It was incredibly insightful to hear Donna present all her makeup knowledge backed with science, well researched facts and an enormous amount of relevant industry experience. After attending her training sessions you will not have textbook knowledge. You are guaranteed practical skills that will have an immediate positive impact on you as a makeup artist or an everyday consumer who would like to understand the industry better. “

– Suné Degenaar, South Africa