Eye Cream

 The Simple Truth About Your Options For Aging

It’s a fact that our eyes age faster than the rest of our face which is due to several reasons. The skin around the eye area is about seven times thinner than the rest of the skin on the face, so it’s extremely delicate and wears out easily. We also have pores which secrete oil all over the face with the exception of our eye area; therefore, it is also much drier. Additionally, rubbing of the eyes, pulling and tugging the eye area to apply and remove makeup results in the most abused area on the face.

Biologically everyone ages. However, people ages at different rates based on their genetics and their lifestyle. By using a preventative eye product daily to keep the thin, delicate eye area hydrated, women can postpone the fine lines around the eyes for years. A daytime cream for the eyes should be added to your skin care system by the age of nineteen to keep the skin as moist and firm as possible and prevent it from aging at the rate it otherwise would. My absolute favorite is Chantecallie’s Stress Repair Concentrate.

However, if you already have some visible lines, it’s time to also add a nighttime cream for the to your skin care regimen. The daytime eye cream penetrates to slow down aging and prevent loss of elasticity whereas one for night with its rich, Vaseline type consistency topically lubricates to soften existing lines and give a smoother appearance. Not all cosmetic companies make this product which is known as a corrective night time eye cream. Try Elizabeth Ardens 8-Hour Cream on eyes and lips before going to bed.

Most cosmetic eye products are sold in half ounce containers. Although these jars may seem small, the creams for night last nearly a year when used correctly and the daytime eye creams should last 6 – 9 months. Slightly less than the size of an uncooked grain of rice is all that is necessary. For best application, warm the cream between the ring fingers and tap along the bone of the eye sockets. It’s important to start at the nose bridge and circle down and outwards in a gentle tapping motion. This helps to avoid and reduce puffiness around the eyes by assisting the flow of toxins through the lymphatic glands. The heat generated from blinking allows the eye cream to travel towards the lash line as it’s being absorbed.

The most common mistakes women make when using eye products is using too much and putting product too close to the eye. This results in eye cream traveling into the eyeball; causing irritation, redness and even blurry vision. Additionally, using too much eye cream can result in white bumps under the eyes which are known as milia bumps.

If concerned with aging, it’s highly suggested that you also invest in a good quality, gentle eye makeup remover to slow down the abuse to the delicate eye area. Not all eye makeup removers are equal. Many of them burn and irritate the eye area and some actually don’t remove eye makeup very well! My favorite is Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover.

Taking care of your skin is definitely an investment. Think of it this way… that last outfit you bought will be hanging in a thrift store in the near future and will be replaced by many other outfits in your lifetime. You’ve only got one face so take care of it!

Accomplished Makeup Artist, Donna Mee is considered one of the top Educators in the industry. Teaching the art and science of makeup and skin care has been her longtime passion. Donna currently owns and operates several beauty businesses in Costa Mesa, CA.

Donna has written many articles and beauty columns for magazines and has been quoted in numerous publications. Her successful background in many industry positions makes her the perfect consultant for cosmetic companies looking to update their image, improve sales or to continue to be industry leaders. Donna is also available for advanced trainings for cosmetic trainers and top consultants.

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