What You Don’t Know About Skin and Acne  

I work with MANY Dr’s and I’ve even been published in a Medical Journal so I hope that some people in this group are open to being enlightened about facts/truth. Dermatologists are Doctors of SKIN DISORDERS & SKIN DISEASES. However, ACNE is NOT medically defined as a disorder or a disease. Sadly and embarrassingly, society believes acne issues are handled by Dermatologists. This belief is mainly just in the USA (and a few of the countries that follow pretty much everything we do.) In the 8 years of med school to be a Dermatologist and NOT A SINGLE semester is on acne. Not even a SINGLE chapter in one of their medical books. Y’all can look it up if you don’t believe me. I’ve written a huge chapter on this in my upcoming book “The Beauty Conspiracies”

The most unbelievable part is that 82% of Dermatologists clients go to them for help with their acne on the west coast and 76% of east coast clients of Dermatologists are acne patients. It completely sickens me that these doctors make a living on millions of patients that are seriously seeking help with their skin. I’m sure that 1000’s of people in this group have gone (or are going) to Dermatologists for acne. Most Dermatologists give patients an expensive prescription is dosages that last a month or more. YET, they are told to come back to see the Dr in 7 – 10 days. THEN the RX often does nothing or makes the patients acne worse. So the Dr tells them to stop using it immediately (even though they gve them a months supply) and then they are given another prescription for something different. And it goes on and on.

Seriously think about it. If there was a chance that the RX wasn’t gonna work or might make it worse, then why the hell do all the Dr’s give the1 month +, expensive supply?! Because they make bonuses on all the prescriptions they write! It’s illegal to give cash bonuses but now but the drug companies can give prizes, vacations to expensive resorts, cars, etc. They still give cash too but they have to claim that is was for “research or speaking fees” At the link below, you can type in the state and the name of any doctor or dermatologist in your area and how much money they get every quarter from the drug companies shows up. The top dermatologists in my area get $20,000 4 times a year! http://projects.propublica.org/docdollars/widget

Bottom line is that acne is not a medical issue but they will all take your money. Well, not all, but I’ve only met ONE in my 33 years in the industry that refused to take acne clients since she admitted to having no training in acne. The rest have major bills and medical school loan debt to pay off, so they will take your money. It is estimated that less than 5% of acne is caused from internal or hormonal issues.

And don’t get me started on the archaic curriculum taught to estheticians in the USA and many other countries. Because it’s equally concerning. The training program and books for esthetics (and many countries programs which are often called beauty therapists) were written in the 1940’s and literally the only updates have been a couple paragraphs here and there in the last 75 years. I know because I was approached to consult for them and update their curriculum in 2000. They need to update it desperately, but it hasn’t happened still! WHY?! You might ask, because it is now so ridiculously behind that everyone that had previously been trained and given a license would be completely obsolete compared to the newbies and the schools and state boards would certainly end up being in lawsuits and major chaos would ensue. Because what we knew about skin then and now are WORLDS APART. Skin, how it words, what it’s needs are, how to analyze it properly, how to correct skin issues, not to mention literally over 40,000 new products and ingredients have been created since then with the previous 75 years of technology.

If you have great skin and get a facial and then start breaking out, the esthetician tells you “Wow, that’s great. It means that the facial worked and is getting all the impurities out of your skin” NEWSFLASH, If you didn’t have blemishes before… YOU DIDN’T HAVE IMPURITIES IN YOUR SKIN.
Ok, rant over. This is a makeup artist blog,  but we all deal with skin everyday. The more you know about skin, how it works, what it’s needs are, and how to improve it, the better makeup artist you will become. This info will be unwelcome by some that prefer to think as they always have. Especially those that are licensed who may feel disillusioned. My advice is to not hate the messenger, I’m just delivering the facts. Instead realize it’s great that you know, decades before you may have figured it out otherwise. I encourage everyone to learn from truth and facts so they are not left in the dark like the majority of society.


Love and Wisdom,

Donna xoxo