My Advice and Rules for Success

I’m so happy and blessed to make a living out of helping others by sharing exactly how I’ve achieved so much success in my career. I’m often asked for my recipe for success. So after spending about 5 hours reflecting and writing, here are some of my ADVICE & RULES FOR SUCCESS.

#1. STRIVE TO LEARN AND GROW DAILY: The day you think you know it all or you know enough.. your days at the level you are at are numbered. Look for opportunities and ways to improve your skills and knowledge. Attend industry functions, trade shows, educational classes, read industry related articles and posts, request to assist bigger artists, ask questions, listen and absorb wisdom. Practice your craft and perfect your skills. As they say,

“There is always a better way to do everything…. Find it.”

#2. CHARACTER: Be willing to sacrifice and work hard, always give 100% effort and be willing to go the extra mile for your clients. In addition, be fair and ethical with everyone and every situation. Even when it seems most of the world is not fair or ethical, hold yourself to a higher standard of character. Your reputation will benefit and it is 100% your responsibility to be in charge of your reputation and character. As the saying goes,

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation, and 5 minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffet

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation. Because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” – John Wooden

#3. STOP BEING DUPED: The world is full of followers, although most claim to be a leader, the facts are that most of us are sheep. Before investing your time or money on products, education or events, do “Major Research” to ensure you are not wasting your time, effort, income or energy on things that don’t deliver. ***Please note that “Major Research” does NOT include taking advice from people on social media that you haven’t spent an honest hour researching. The majority of people giving advice are NOT successful whatsoever. Having millions of followers doesn’t prove success. It proves the majority the world also acts like sheep and doesn’t do their research. Stop investing in things that others are paid to say that they are great. Major research means: you spent time actually Googling people, asking for references, reading feedback and testimonials, reading up on ingredients, reaching out to WORKING Pro’s that actually have impressive portfolios, resumes, and have used the products in question and have a paragraph OR MORE to say about WHY a product is great, its actual benefits, usage tips and application techniques for truthful feedback.

#4. FOCUS ON YOURSELF: Do NOT focus on your competition or compare yourself to them. Instead, focus on what YOU bring to the table and find ways to perfect your own skills and find ways to bring your skill set to those that need/want what you offer. If you feel you’re at a life or career roadblock, see Rule #1.

“Comparison creates doubt, doubt creates fear and fear stands n the way of everything you want.”

#5. THE BIG PICTURE: When it comes to tasks, (Regardless if the task in question is replying to emails, or each step of a clients makeup application) Keep aware of the big picture! DO NOT perform a task with the mentality of “checking it off a list” and moving on. Instead, analyze the RESULTS of each task you complete and ONLY move on, if the desired outcome was a success.

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

#6. REMOVE NEGATIVITY: This is one of the top issues people have that keep them from the success they desire. Refrain from having or dwelling on negative thoughts about the industry, your career or your skills and potential. It’s easy to get pulled into negative energies in life situations or social media groups where others complain, whine, bitch, point fingers, hate-on others etc, which will generate negative situations in your life. The science of psychology proves that people that showcase negative actions are ALWAYS expressions of their own fears, personal failure, lack of confidence or own self-loathing hence complain about those they they feel threatened by Once they gaining friends/followers that listen, participate in their rants or agree with them, it fuels their need to feel better about their own shortcomings. Simply hearing it or reading these negative rants/comments actually changes YOUR energy even if you don’t agree or comment. So remove yourself from these situations and groups to empower your own potential for success. If you find yourself pointing fingers as to why you are not more successful, see Rule #9 and Rule #1.

#7. ASK FOR FEEDBACK & LOOK WITHIN: If you feel that your not getting the level of work you deserve or or you are not getting consistent work, it is likely due to lack of business skills or your makeup skills or both. Ask clients and those you work with for honest feedback. Then listen and own it. DO NOT argue with them or make excuses for whatever they share with you needs improving. Use the information and acknowledge how others view you and if you do not like what you hear, FIX IT. Read books on business and/or communication skills or take industry marketing classes (that have a proven track record for attendees that find success) to up your game if that is what is lacking. Also getting a valid and reputable portfolio review will enlighten yourself to what may be holding you back in the skill department that you may be unaware of.

#8. FEAR: Do not allow fear to keep you from doing what you desire. Go after what you want. If you are not successful in your attempts, then go back to Rule #1. (If you fear that you are not good enough to get paid work, you never will be without practice! So get a job in retail cosmetics or seek out opportunities to do charity work to gain confidence and speed to transition into paid work.)

” A master has failed more times than the beginner has tried.”

” Do what you fear most and the death of fear is certain.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

#9. PAY IT FORWARD: Look for opportunities to pay it forward in life and in business. That doesn’t necessarily mean buy peoples groceries or coffee at Starbucks unless you get an urge to and can afford to. Just make yourself aware of your surroundings at all times. There are always simple things, holding a door open for someone carrying things, helping an older neighbor taking in their trash cans, giving sincere advice when appropriate to someone that needs it.

I spent many hours writing this info because I believe it will benefit members of this group that are working towards a more successful career. I hope you enjoyed it and are inclined to start taking some of my suggested success steps right now. For example, you could Pay It Forward now by adding makeup artists or aspiring artists that you know to this group that you feel would benefit from the informational posts. You’d be helping them and helping me to achieve my life destiny of helping more artists achieve the success they desire.

Love & Wisdom
Donna xoxo