How do You Look at Situations?


Do You See Opportunity and Solutions or Are You Quick to Point Out Why Things Won’t Work? I used to be that latter, Until I learned how to become Successful. The truth is most people are “Follwers with a Sheep Mentality”. And some are just “Mean Girls” that don’t succeed in business either. Which one are you?


Query posted in a forum of makeup artists:

“I was asked if I could do ‘light makeup’ for like 15 min each on 25 guests at a baby shower? I don’t know how to even start to respond. I laughed when I read the message. I doubt she can even begin to handle the quote I had in mind. Thoughts please?”

Response From Makeup Artists: There were about 40+ comments about how stupid and lame the client’s request is and everyone laughing, suggesting she quote her ½ day or full day rate prices, add on to the quote for additional assistants, telling her there would be no time to clean her brushes, etc. and basically advising the artist to tell the client “No thanks.”



Can I please put the brakes on this bandwagon for a minute? Before I start, I want to say that my intent is not in any way, shape or form to insult or piss off anyone. I’m going to spend quite a bit of time trying to articulate my comment to ideally give some people a light bulb moment, or two. And by that I do not mean just regarding business but for life in general.

Everyone is quick to make fun of the client’s proposal/request as if insulted.
Most peoples 1st reaction to a job offer they don’t like or are not interested in is to talk about what’s wrong with it. This just makes the client feel hurt, insulted or misunderstood. Which is definitely not a win-win situation. Don’t be the kind of person to point out problems. Become the type of person that suggests solutions, changes and improves the situation so that it is a win-win for EVERYONE.

“A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties.”
– Harry S. Truman

“Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, ‘What’s in it for me?’ – Brian Tracy

Statistically, when someone posts a comment about anything negative. Sadly, far more people will respond and be quick to jump on the bandwagon and agree with how lame something is. (If you don’t believe me, prove it to yourself and post something positive on your status update then post another complaining about how dumb someone or something is and watch the threat grow like wildfire.) My point is, loads of you did exactly that and LOL’ed about the client and her request. Don’t shoot the messenger or feel like I am pointing fingers, I am saying that it’s NORMAL for people to do that because statistically, most of the planet is made up of ‘followers.’ Instead, I’m suggesting that you think like ‘Leaders.’ Hence the challenge is to enlighten you to think differently and act differently. And discover more success, happiness and fulfillment in your life.

That being said… The client’s idea to introduce makeup services for her baby shower is not the norm. But you can’t blame her for trying to be creative and give her guests something unique. (It actually sounds far more interesting than most baby showers I’ve been to!) But the point is, the client threw out an idea and WE have the option to see it as an undesirable problem or an opportunity.

#1. As someone else pointed out, she hadn’t thought about how much time it would take to do 20 people. I can’t imagine her expecting to give the segment much more than an hour or so.

#2. Most women are NOT going to show up at a shower without their makeup on. So obviously, you would not be doing full makeups or using all your brushes on everyone. So the dozens of sarcastic comments about all the night mare problems of needing more brushes or more time to clean brushes in between clients or need and cost of assistants just to clean brushes is ridiculous.

Therefore, what the artist in this situation could have done is work with the client to offer several different suggestions to customize her shower with a beauty segment that is both interesting, unique and benefits you, the client and her guests… which is what the client was hoping for. Here are just a few ideas.

A. Offer to do a 30 min presentation about general makeup tips, how to update their looks, do a smoky eye or whatever interests the client the most.
B. Offer to do the clients makeup as a lesson in front of everyone to share many tips to the group of women.
C. Suggested you offer “5 minute Beauty Tips” for anyone that wished to come see you. Then spend 5 minutes each (That is less than 2 hours if everyone did it but some probably wouldn’t.) Spending 5 minutes is more than enough time to teach a client a few tips, prove to her that you know your stuff and entice her to want to know more… Which is an AWESOME opportunity for you to book private lessons with these women, or at least get to know them personally give each one your card, add them to your Facebook, or email lists so they can keep you in mind for their upcoming events, weddings, family portraits, etc. and you could follow up or keep in touch with them. You could have easily booked several clients and even collected deposits. And since a lot of them most likely know each other… once you did their appointments, took pics of how amazing you made them look, posted them on Facebook.., (as well as you know the clients would also) which would all lead to more bookings and exposure for you. Every client you do is a walking billboard for you! It just keeps snowballing… IF YOU ARE GOOD AT MAKEUP. Sadly, not everyone is.

**If your makeup application appointments do not lead to more bookings and referrals, then I sincerely hope you consider looking into advancing your skills with some additional training.

Even if the client did insist on the artist spending 15 minutes a person, there is a plethora of tips on makeup application, color choice, how to use brushes & tools, as well as giving skin care tips that the artist could share with clients. Just spent a few minutes each giving pro tips and showing them how to improve on something… whatever jumps out at you the most. Brows on one person, a better lip color on another, contouring cheeks or noses on a few, altering eye shadows on others, chatting about how to improve their skin with those that need or requested it.

Are you ALL really that wealthy and busy that $100 for AN HOUR or 2 of your time is insulting? You’d rather sit home and watch the Kardashian’s than be in a room with 20 women that you can talk with one-on-one about beauty?! Are you FRIGGEN kidding me?! I’ve gone to bridal and baby showers before and sat there in a circle like everyone else and just casually chatting about what I do and have booked 4 clients before I even left the shower! If I had the opportunity to actually spend 5 minutes per person, giving actual beauty tips… I could have booked quadruple the clients/services! People in our industry PAY to meet potential clients. Some of you in this group PAY for leads from wedding referral websites for God’s sake! HELLOOOOOOO!>>>>

Quite frankly, who budgets or pays anyone to entertain guests at a friggen baby shower?! The client was probably expecting and hoping the artist saw the opportunity in it. The fact that she offered $100 for an artist to ideally advertise and promote themselves for an hour or more is completely awesome! For those that may feel the need to compare this to a fashion show or charity event you may have taken part in that you agreed to do for credit and got nothing out of it… Please refrain because I could spend another 3 hours (like I just have on this comment,) expressing how to benefit from those types of bookings as well. It is what WE do with the opportunities that matter.

So next time you are presented with an undesirable booking or life situation, don’t point out the problems with it… offer the solution to it. And grow your business and grow as a human.

If you get it and plan to look at things differently, please let me know that my 3-hour tirade was not wasted.


Love and Wisdom,

Donna xoxo