“There is so much to say about the dedication, knowledge and the elevated teaching methods and tools that Donna Mee passes on to each an every one of her students. I am very fortunate to have been taught by her. I had my first test photo shoot before I even finished my classes and I’ve been working consistently ever since.I graduated just three months ago and this is an example of the feedback I was given from 3 photographers I’ve worked with in just the past week: One has asked me come to Miami to work with him. Another photographer, while retouching the images from our shoot asked if I airbrushed everything because he thought my brushwork was REALLY good. And the other photographer said “Cristina, your makeup is perfect.” And that photographer shoots with less forgiving, old-fashioned film!

I am absolutely amazed and humbled by such encouraging feedback from industry pros considering I’ve just started my career. Donna teaches from her heart. Her love and passion coupled with practical, in-depth information makes for a truly unparalleled educational experience. Whether you are a new artist like myself, or someone who wants to elevate their abilities and career… Applying just a portion of the generous insight Donna shares with her students, virtually guarantees success.”

-Cristina McLamb – San Clemente, California

“I took Donna’s webinar “Generating Income with Private Lessons” today. I have already put into action one of her pointers she shared and WOW! What a response I’ve had. 6 people want to book a class, and I’ve received 3 more requests for lessons. I’ve also been approached to host makeup classes for a new cafe. Thank you so much Donna for all your amazing pointers/light bulb moments in your webinar. I’ve had so much interest from just one of your tips. I cannot wait to see what happens when i put the rest to action. AMAZING! Thank you again. I am one happy Makeup Artist!”

– Sarah Baldwin, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

“Donna Mee you highlight a lot about makeup and beauty photoshoots. My mind became richer because of your creative knowledge. Thank you for your tips, you are the best! You are the queen of makeup!”

– Olimpia Zajac, Sydney, Australia

“You can’t expect that all makeup artists will be good teachers or seminar speakers, but there was one that really stood out for me and that was Donna Mee. She knew what she was talking about. She knew how to talk, and maybe for a lot of people she must sound a little pedantic but seriously the truth is never easy to swallow. When she started talking the time just flew by. Her training was so dynamic and so interesting that it was upsetting when she had to finish it.”

–  Pina Brandi, Sydney, Australia

“It was divine intervention when I met you in a Facebook group. I want you to know that you were a huge part of my PTSD recover and now, every single day, you are a HUGE inspiration in each one of my feet moving in front of the other and now I’m successful in work and now I’m happy. I’m financially stable, aI get to choose my house, I get to do what I love and most of all my social anxieties have minimized to a level that I can deal with things I would have otherwise not have even entertained. You prepared me for life as well as well as a career as a makeup artist. I will forever be indebted to you. Love you Donna!”

– Kirsty Falwasser New Zealand.

“Donna Mee this class has already changed my life. It build my confidence and outlook on how I talk and look at clients. I just went to the LB Skincare show and I was educating sales reps instead of the other way around. I have been getting asked what I use for skincare products and makeup and all that goes through my mind is “ you have to take a Donna Mee Class!” Your classes are a drug. Once you take one you want to take more and more. Its true what all your grads say… we are just hungry for more and can’t wait for the next class!”

– Valerie Dohrman, California, U.S.A.

“Thank you to Donna Mee for the most amazing workshop today and for showing me that dreams can become a reality – the sky is the limit. I loved your class today and I am totally inspired!”

– Nicole Sydow, Johannesburg, South Africa

“Donna thanks for an amazing weekend of master classes. You have inspired me beyond words.  Inspired me to take charge of my life and want to be the absolute best that I can be. You have boosted my self-confidence and allowed me to see how great I really can be if I put my mind to it.  I actually have a great idea for my business that I thought of when I got home on Sunday and cant wait to share it with you.  I feel so privileged to have been your student and cant wait until we meet again when I’m rich and famous LOL… You really are a SUPERSTAR!!! Oh and wait…. I’m a SUPERSTAR too, thanks to you!  I look forward to your upcoming online classes.  Take care and thank you Ms. Mee.”

– Ayesha Khan, Cape Town, South Africa

“I’m so very grateful that we met!! You are a real diamond.  You are honestly so cool & great to work with. And you are NOT SELFISH with your knowledge. May good blessings follow you throughout your life. “

– Naz Kremzar, Johannesburg, South Africa

“Thanks Donna. There were definitely some mind blowing techniques. Can’t wait for today’s class. So glad that I spent the extra to come to Johannesburg. It was well worth it.”

– Helen Cook, Cape Town, South Africa

“I’ve had the most eye opening, life changing “lightbulb” moments regarding my makeup business and skills this past week in the four Donna Mee classes I attended in Johannesburg and Cape Town. I just want to thank Donna for opening all our eyes to how amazing we can be and what is actually possible with a little hard work and effort. Everything Donna has taught me really makes me realize how great I can be and for that I am eternally grateful and so honored to have been taught by such an amazing and warm-hearted, one in a million individual such as Donna. I believe the world would be a much dimer place without Donna in it, thanks again Donna.”

– Michelle Alexandra Pirrie, Johannesburg, South Africa

“My life has changed in the most epic way in the last week…..I cannot explain it. Donna you have changed my life forever. Thank you! With the information from this past weekends classes in Johannesburg and the information still coming up in the Cape Town classes, if I took a clean break and focused like you said, do my test shoots, align my self with agencies to get pull power and lord knows what other awesomeness you will tell us at the rest of the workshops.  Once I do everything you say… Thank you a million times! When I make my first million, which will be pretty soon because the skills and information you are giving me is absolute, I’m going to find you wherever you are in the world and take you out.  You have no idea how much you’ve changed my life in just 2 days.  I’m going to be one of your awesome success stories.”

– Ntombane Nhlapo, Johannesburg, South Africa

“Had an amazing class with Donna Mee today. I learnt so much… I can truly say it was my monies worth. I got some of the best advice I can ever use to help further my career. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are amazing Donna. Thank you for brightening my future as an artist and helping me realize it’s that easy… I just have to put my mind to it. I appreciate you coming to share your life experiences with us all today! You think straight outta the box and I admire that. Your experience and knowledge is world class and what an honor it was to have you share that with me.”

– Bianca Comer, Cape Town, South Africa

“I was VERY fortunate to attend a workshop by one of the worlds leading makeup educators, Donna Mee, today and all I can say is WOW! My head is still reeling from the amount of info that she shared. 8 hours of non-stop lightbulb moments. Fantastic! What an EXCELLENT class given by Donna Mee! Changed my whole outlook on colors. You don’t know what you don’t know… until you know. I’m so excited to start playing around with color and increasing my bridal business. Here’s to new beginnings!

If you’re a makeup artist, please do yourself a favor by booking and coming to the workshops. Donna Mee absolutely FABULOUS and her wealth of knowledge is invaluable to any artist who is SERIOUS about their craft.”

– Suaad Dawood, Cape Town, South Africa

“Thank you Donna for sharing all your wisdom, invaluable knowledge & experience!! You will most definitely be hearing from me in a years time with all my progress!!”

– Chanel Michaeli, Johannesburg, South Africa

“Donna thank you so much! You’ll be glad to know that I started my Monday with heaps of motivation and have already started getting more jobs booked!”

– Kirsten Maarschalk, Johannesburg, South Africa

“When you mentor gives you some amazing teaching lessons to help you succeed in your career: PRICELESS. Four people came to me today and said to me “Rene I follow you on Facebook because you make your dreams come true” It touched me so much and I would like to thank you for making me realize I am good enough to be a success and giving me career advice and shortcuts.  Thank you Donna. I am so honored to have you as my mentor.”

– Rene Ferreira, Johannesburg, South Africa

The most amazing woman who has opened my eyes to just how powerful passion can be. Thank you Donna Mee!”

– Katelyn Hughes, Johannesburg, South Africa

“My head is spinning. So much info on one day. So many AHA moments. Got one huge head ache but in a good way. Thank you Donna Mee for all you are doing for us as MUA. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of the past 33 years. Hope you are already planning your next visit to South Africa.”

– Hannelie Burger, Johannesburg, South Africa

“To anyone of you out there wanting to make a living out of your career don’t just listen to what Donna says but actually put in the hard work and do it. It is so easy to pay the money and listen to her enlighten us all but if you don’t believe in yourself or her words you are wasting money and time (hers and your own). I am real proof that what she says is true and works!

In the last 6 months prior to Donna’s marketing class, I made over $5,000 in business. But in the 6 months after Donna’s class, I made over $26,000 by following Donna’s advice and just changing the way I was doing things.

I honestly owe a massive chunk of my success to Donna Mee!! She taught me to be a better business woman in 8 short hours at one of her master classes and it started paying off last year and I am gob smacked at how great 2014 is looking already. Being able to apply makeup really is the smallest part of being successful in this industry. Might have to look at expanding my little set up I think :)!!”

– Rebecca O’Hare, Canberra, ACT, Australia

“Donna Mee such an amazing teacher when it comes to all things makeup. Here is why.  She teaches from a basis of SCIENCE!  Science allows you to have a predictable outcome each and every time. This produces predictable results for the makeup artist.  Such as, if you do this, then that will happen. ALWAYS!!!

Most of the successful artists get by, just winging it and having some talent. But the rest of us don’t and then wonder why our careers aren’t taking us to where we’d like to be or why our work doesn’t improve even thought we are working really hard at it.

As makeup artists, we need to see things differently. That is one of the things Donna teaches. You will see color, proportion, shadows, and dimensions differently. It will literally change the way you view the world. Once you master the science behind why you place cosmetics where you do (and sometimes don’t) you can practice and have the tools to take your skills up to that level. The only way I can explain it is that once you know water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, you don’t have to wonder why your water isn’t boiling (even thought it is really close) at 211 degrees.

I am hopeful that this gives comfort and a reason for people to get to train with Donna Mee, to get a real EDUCATION in cosmetics and their application.  Please use my former experience with a ‘phony’ makeup school and investing THOUSANDS of dollars to be taught by someone that was a photographer, as an example of what NOT TO DO!

-Gwen Bernardo, Woodlandhills, California

“Donna Mee I’m truly blessed to have found Empire Academy of Makeup. Yesterday was a huge success, my first film production. They all loved their makeup, 3 looks on the actress and 4 men’s grooming. Opened doors big time. They all even clapped for me, to thank me, at the end of the day and let me tell you, I brought my emergency kit and saved the day 3 times… You really, really, really know how to teach us how to be successful. At the end from no paid, as agreed first , they gave me $$$ and 2 breaks with catered food, not bad at all.”

– Rocio Jahanbakhsh, Lake Forest, California

“For those serious about the makeup business I encourage you to check out Empire Academy of Makeup. I attended a 2 day workshop and let me tell you something if you want to learn from a true professional someone that has actually been working in this industry for YEARS consider this academy, Donna Mee will teach you life changing information with that being said “I’m on fire” and I’m excited for my business.”

– JoAnn Salgado, El Monte, California

“Thank you Donna Mee for all your heart breaks, good and bad. Your disappointments, your successes, because of everything you’ve experienced, whether good or bad it has enabled you to be able to pass on your knowledge and help thousands of new and old artist on how to make their careers a success. Thank you for all your sacrifices throughout your life. I have such a huge respect for you after being in your class and listening to your stories and your knowledge. But most of all your big balls.”

– Leanne Marie Hare, Fountain Valley, California

“After 15 fabulous years of doing makeup for amazing brides, I can finally say I was my own best client as I did the makeup for my own wedding.  Donna, I remember the day I came to your first makeup studio to have my makeup done for a photo shoot.  I still have the huge black and white poster you had blown up for me next to my fireplace 16 years later!  After my appointment with you, and seeing the amazing transformation, I wanted to become a makeup artist and asked if you would train me.  When you agreed to teach me, little did I know you would open up a WHOLE NEW WORLD!!

To this day, I still get giddy over being a part of each bride’s special day as well as the thought of having every makeup item and color under the sun in my makeup box! You changed my life for the better, so much so that it took me a while to write this post without tearing up.  I can safely say that, to this day, you are one of the top peeps I admire and have shaped my life in such a positive way.  For that and just being you and your amazing gift of friendship throughout the years, I thank YOU!!!! 🙂

– Shirley Vazquez, Tustin, California

“Hello Donna, I thought you might want an update from one of your pass students.  I’m not quite sure if you remember me, but I sure indeed remember you and all of your wisdom from teaching me at Empire Academy of Makeup.  I can’t begin to describe to you all that I have achieved after finishing your course.  I just wish that you’re here to witness what you have produced.  I’m still living in Atlanta and working for the BET channel.  Before attending your school, I struggled for the longest time with what I was able to achieve.  But with your training and help, I believed in myself, found will power and discovered it can be done if I applied myself 110%.  Now I am opening my own celebrity makeup business and it’s all thanks to you.

If your students are reading this letter, please let them know to buckle their seat belt because it can be a fast roller coaster to fame!  Thank you Donna, for everything you have taught me in those 8 weeks I was in your classroom. Please believe me that I will continue to pass on my skin care and makeup wisdom just as you did with me.  Love, your ever grateful student.”

– Lynn Pham, Atlanta, Georgia

“Donna!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. My personal website is now done. is now live! Can’t wait to show you! You realize I’d be NOWHERE without your help, encouragement, generosity, faith in me, and sheer amazingness. You’re the BEST, Donna.”

– Ken Pfeifer

“Thank you so so much for your way of teaching Donna!! It has truly changed how I do makeup and see everyone’s faces. It kind of does my head in though. I cant stop looking at people without cutting them off in conversation and telling them how they could make some small changes to how they do their makeup or skincare.”

– Diane Jones, Melbourne, Australia

“I met Donna Mee when I was an Empire student about eight years ago.  She came into the classroom on day one to share her story of how she got to where she is now.  It was one of most inspiring stories I have ever heard.  It’s not just about all she has been through, it’s that she stayed strong through it all and didn’t let anything stop her from what she wanted.  She got knocked down many, many times, but still kept on going to pursue her dreams.  She knew she could do it even when many other people told her she couldn’t.  I remember leaving her school that night thinking that I wanted to be just like her.

I come back to Empire at least once a year to sit in on a class.  Tonight, eight years since I experienced my first night of training, I sat in on that first day of Intro to hear the story again.  It still inspires me.  Regardless if makeup is the career for you, anyone listening would be inspired.  Donna has such a commanding way about her.  You want to listen, you want to do better and you want to succeed because she makes you feel like it’s all possible (because it is!)

Above all else, she cares about you and she wants you to succeed just like she did.  She gives you her secrets and tells you exactly what you need to have the success that she has had.  There are a lot of teachers out there doing what she does, but I challenge you to find one that will do what she does for her students and graduates.  Those she’s trained often come back and tell her about their accomplishments because they know she will be proud of them.  For me, it’s like telling my parents; I get that same feeling when I share with her my successes.  I want her to be proud of me because she has done so much for me.

She really is an amazing woman.  I actually feel sorry for makeup artists out there who haven’t met Donna and/or had the privilege of hearing her speak.  They have no idea what they are missing. Thank you.”

– Devyn McArthur, Villa Park, California

“Studying for the FINAL tomorrow, nervous, excited, confident, everything ha ha. the past three weeks have already opened my eyes, been ups and downs, but I am utterly grateful for Donna, she is the most inspirational, fun, and a hard ass all in one teacher, and I wouldn’t want it any other way, I wouldn’t be able to learn 1/100000000000 from anyone else!”

– Amy Wolfrom, Martinez, California

“Hi Donna, Here is an update on my eyebrow business. As you know, I took your ‘Mastering the Art of Eyebrows’ 1-day class in Melbourne in late December.Then I went over seas for almost a month vacation & came home & started doing some brows while the iron was hot. In the first 9 days I did 16 brow reshapes on clients.3 full months after doing your class (and added brow shaping to my services) I was now able to work part time doing nothing but brows!!!

I sat down last night & counted how many brow clients I have had this last 3 months.I did 56 brow appointments already & I am still getting new bookings for new clients today! Because of you, I was able to start my own journey & become my own boss & follow my dream job. This suits me as I am able to work from home as well as looking after my two children.I no longer miss out on anything such as school awards, parades & every precious moment while my children are both young. It’s a HUGE win-win for my children & I. My Husband & family are great supports to me, but you are the one I have to thank the most.

Words can never truly begin to describe how happy I am & how grateful I am to have met you 12 months ago. Without your eyebrow class I would still be in a job that I wasn’t happy with & wasn’t even myself in.So once again, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving me from the life path I was on. I am now on the right path & look forward to my journey.”

– Brodee Kernaghan, Broken Hill, Australia

“Each time I listen to Donna Mee the fire inside me grows a little bigger. She is a huge inspiration and absolute fantastic educator, I can’t thank enough for what you’ve done for me Donna Mee. You’re incredible and I’m so excited for the July classes. It was such a pleasure to meet you in person.”

– Mariska Verster, Johannesburg, South Africa

“OMG, I just got an email from The Distillerist saying that I’m featured on their top ’10 List of Makeup Artists Cleaning Up The Beauty Industry’! I’m #8 on the list! Thank you Donna. I feel like although I’ve been wanting and working towards this type of recognition, going to your academy has really been the magic touch I needed to reignite my passion for transformation through beauty! This is just the beginning!”

– Terry Alabata, Costa Mesa, California

“Donna said  ‘you don’t know what you don’t know until someone enlightens you’. I stand in awe, so amazed, and all of me has totally change since your presence in my life .. every time I look into your eyes, I see a glimpse of all I always wanted to be. Let me be changed by you Donna.. I thank God, my Daddy, Jesus for your presence in my life which totally influences my passion, my soul , make my confidence from 10 to 99%!! I learn how to have a heart seeking knowledge knowledge knowledge more and more.. I see what God do for you not only talented hands, but also heart to see someone change. You are a change agent Donna Mee in the Beauty field, art-entertainment mountain, and you are on TOP because the world knows you… and I pray that divine connection more and more upon you.. the doors will be open for you because God honours your heart to make people change in better way.. I love you!

– Clerence Victoria, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Donna, This may seem totally random and really out of nowhere but I really have to say this to you. During classes at Empire Academy of Makeup, I complained that you were too hard on us, and I didn’t understand your tough teaching ways.   But, it wasn’t until the night of our Print class finals during the two-day photo-shoot that I realized how much you really did care about the success of your students.  You stayed way past the 10:00pm end of class… and worked with all of the students until 2:00am making sure all our photo shoots were perfect.  Right down the hairstyling, makeup, wardrobe, posing, and everything!  You were wearing heels all day and eventually after midnight, were running around barefoot.  You didn’t know this but, for about five minutes, I was just watching you go from set to set, helping and fixing everything and I realized, “Wow she really cares about all of us.” So my point is, that I just really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your tough love during my time at your school.

I hadn’t done anything for myself before attending your school.  When I was young, my dad left us and right after high school, my mom kicked me out.  In my early 20′s, I had to take responsibility for and take care of my sister who got heavily into drugs and became a homeless runway.  I became depressed for the longest time – I was even suicidal.  Yeah, I fought thru the depression but I had never had anything to make me feel proud of myself.  For a long time, I felt like a loser… And that’s not a good feeling.  But the bright side to all this, since finishing your school, I didn’t know if I was going to be strong and brave enough to continue doing makeup.  What made me continue doing it was the need to make other women feel beautiful on the outside, even if they didn’t feel so great on the inside, which is what I had felt for SO MANY YEARS.  I know that when it comes to my skills, I’m not super great at makeup yet.   But I’m working on it.  Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for giving me this gift of knowing how to make other women feel super amazing about themselves.  Because of this, I’m starting to feel super amazing about myself.  Which is something that I haven’t felt in a very long time.  I feel so much better already now that I’ve finally told you!  I have been wanting to tell you all of this for the longest time. You are amazing!  Thank you.  Xoxo”

– Student from the Class of 2013

“I just sat through an AMAZING 3-day workshop taught by Donna Mee!!! I can’t stress how thankful I am that I found this school!   I took my makeup courses with Donna back in 06′-07′ and to this day she will still offer advice and insight when I need it. You won’t find the type of information and skills she teaches anywhere else!! Donna, Thank you for being so transparent, inspirational and committed to all of your students, you are THE BEST!!!”

– Amy Delarosa Cooper, Los Angeles, California

“I am a former student of Donna Mee’s Empire Academy of Makeup. I have never met someone that believed in me so much, inspired me to do more, and pushed me harder to go above and beyond my goals as a makeup artist. With her teaching technique, you are able to get the hands-on training and knowledge you need to succeed in the makeup industry. She teaches you how to be a confident, successful, proud individual who enjoys making people more beautiful in this world by enhancing their best features. Her knowledge of the world of makeup is matched by her drive and ambition to help her students and those around her feel more passionate about beauty and their careers. I know I will always have a friend, a teacher, and leader to look up to throughout my career as a makeup artist.”

– Hanne Waller, Smith, Nevada

“Hi Donna! I don’t know if you will remember me but I was a student of yours around 10 years (Plus :-/)ago. Recently, I realized a friend of mine is currently attending your school! Since attending Empire, I moved to New York and have been freelancing here ever since. I do mostly commercials, network spots etc, but more recently have found there’s a lot of work in web series/ shorts. I flew back to California to do 2 seasons of “Little Women, Big Cars” on AOL, and most recently worked on a web series for Teen Vogue and the School of American Ballet. I’m happy to be able to touch base with you again as I think of my time at your school often still to this day and have always thought that my choice to attend was one of the best choices I ever made. Thank you again for all you’ve taught me and I hope I am still doing you and your school proud! I always remember you telling us that being SERIOUS about makeup was imperative to survive in this industry, and I find that to be more and more true all the time. I’m happy to say I’m one of those people who loves my job. Would love to hear from you, whenever you have time, as I always look back fondly on my time at your school.”

– Kristen Power Brooklyn, New York

“I’ve had so many mini mind explosions since class! Even looking at the flight attendant on my flight home, I was trying to figure out her skin type and what I would talk to her about if she was sitting in my chair. I don’t think I can ever look at skin the same way anymore! I’m so glad that I was able to fly down to Southern California and finally see your academy after taking your San Francisco Master Classes previously. Your school is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and always being the amazing and inspiring woman you are Donna!! I can’t wait to attend another class and continue to learn from you. Lots of love!! x0x0x0”

– Lisa Teller, San Jose, California

“I enrolled in the “How to Create a Booming Bridal Business” master class on Thursday 19th December. I would have loved to do all of Donna’s classes but hopefully next time around it will happen as I didn’t have funds readily available this time. I must admit, I did have pretty high expectations as I had heard sooooo much about how great Donna’s classes were. I had read a few testimonials from past students who had taken this particular class and decided it was worth it to try and really grow my freelance business. Donna was fabulous and I certainly absorbed a lot of information while taking pages of notes to be able to refer to and utilise in the future.

I would gladly recommend to other makeup artists to take one of Donna’s classes and I look forward to doing more of her master classes next time she is in Australia. Overall though, I’m glad I decided to do the master class as I did take quite a bit away from it that I will use in the growth of my business and I’m looking forward to putting it all into practice.”

– Maria Russo, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

“I am so blessed.  It’s only been the first week of school at Empire Academy of Makeup and I have learned so much already about skin care, the science of it, and so many incredible mind-blowing things.   I am so grateful for this opportunity to grow as an artist.  Big thanks to Donna Mee for teaching us everything she knows in such a fascinating way!  This is the first time in my life that I wished school was 7 days a week!”

– Jasmynn Nichole, Newport Beach, California

“Dear Donna Mee thank you so much for your private lesson yesterday. You have literally blown my mind away! I could not sleep last night! I dreamt about makeup and faces and all about what you taught me. You have given me a new vision to think about and a whole new world of makeup… that I could not even think existed in all my imagination. Donna you are a GENIUS. Truly I have not come across anyone who has your knowledge. Whether that’s overseas or here in Australia. I’m all ready to CONTOUR the world! THANK YOU!

AND FOR ALL THE MAKEUP ARTISTS OUT THERE… IF YOU HAVEN’T LEARNT FROM DONNA you are doing an INJUSTICE to yourself. The way you explained different features, different eye shapes, different skin tones OH….MY….GOD! I am still stunned! My friends have asked me what I learn from my 3-hour lesson with you. And my answer to them is “I can’t even put it into words!” It’s a huge new world of makeup. I definitely will come to your academy one day to be a full time student of Donna Mee, as you are the ONLY Guru of makeup industry. What they teach overseas and here in Australia at makeup schools is only the basics but Donna has the real advanced knowledge. It was definitely worth it.”

– Sana Khawar, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Hey Donna, I don’t know how to express my gratitude after your Master class in Melbourne. Saying thank you x1000 times is definitely not enough! I’ve heard plenty positive things about you before, and it took me a while to make the decision taking your classes. It’s not easy for a stubborn, skeptical, scientist to fall for anything without hard evidence. I certainly expected your classes to be informative, helpful and of course, great. But putting all these words together is still such an understatement of how brilliant it is.

This is literally the BEST learning experience I have had ever in my life! I had been a professional student for 22 years and completed PhD in a world-class university. But there were never any other lectures or seminars like yours. Besides the wealth of knowledge, you are unbelievably inspiring and enlightening! My vision as an artist as well as a businesswoman has been expanded to an unbelievable extent in just two days. I will never look at my artistry or business the same. I am so determined and motivated now, and I can’t wait to experience more of your awesomeness!

To me, taking classes with you is all about getting mentored by the leading expert in the industry. In a few days, it’s impossible to cover everything, however you were able to point out the right path to me unambiguously, like nobody else. There is so much information and ideas behind everything you said, that I haven’t stopped brainstorming ever since! I totally can’t get enough of you. Going to your Beauty Boot Camp in Bali would be my number one goal next year! Please take care and I will see you again.

– Mary Li, Canberra, ACT, Australia

“Wow, finally I had the opportunity to meet with Donna Mee and take a class with her in Sydney.  She is an amazing inspiration.  My poor stressed mind is so tired because I was flooded with so much information… I did a makeup course almost 6 years ago and the notes I took then over that 10 week course is not even close to the number of pages of notes I generated during Donna Mee’s 8-hour class!  I can’t wait to return home and make some great changes to make my career only bigger and better!”

– Didem Genc, Melbourne, Australia

“Donna Mee is a genius!  I am still processing all the information from my training course.  What a fabulous makeup educator you are!  Thank you for your time.  From one insomniac to another.”

– Katrina Vavdinos, Sydney, NSW, Australia

“Mind blowing!!!!! Loved the Mastering the Art of Brows workshop.   Everyone should do this!!  Donna… English itself fails me to acknowledge and express just how awesome you are as a makeup beauty expert… And just as the awesome human being you are!!!  You have changed my life and came in the right time!!!  Thanks so much an love you longest time!!! Xox”

– Crystal Casas, Perth Australia

“Just had an eight hour eyebrow class with the awesome Donna Mee.  Wow! I learnt some stuff today that will change the way I see people’s brows!!”

– Victoria Edwards, Baldivis, Australia

“I had a wedding trial makeup application with a mother and daughter that are both getting married in the same week and they are both completely opposite in their styles!  Thanks to Donna Mee and her training, I had never had the type of great response from these two ladies today… ever! They were both shocked and happy at how great they looked, and they both booked me!  Donna, you have made a huge difference to me and my business I can’t wait to learn more from you somehow.”

– Joanne Banks, Perth, Australia

“I just finished my week and a half of intensive Perth Master Class training with Donna Mee. Wow, what a totally life changing experience!  I remember first looking at Donna’s testimonials on her website and thinking I want to experience what all these people are raving about.  My expectations were extremely high.  And Donna did not disappoint!!  She exceeded my expectations a hundred fold!  Her method of teaching is not found anywhere else.  Now I’m the one who is going to rave about Donna to everyone.  I have started putting her techniques to use and already have celebrated a few victories. The “light bulb moments” Donna talks about are blinding me!  And I’ve had so many!  If you’re considering taking any of her classes, DO IT.  Money is not an objection with this training. It is the most valuable thing you could do for your business. Follow her instructions and success will follow.  Thank you a million times Donna. You are a wonderful, talented, one of a kind person.  I’m so privileged to have met you and been taught by you. You will see me again and again.  With love and gratitude.”

– Tracy Smith, Perth, Australia

“What an intense 3 days of attending Donna Mee’s master classes! My brain is full of information at the moment. Thank God tomorrow is a break as I don’t think my brain can absorb much info anymore! You are amazing Donna! Thanks again. I look forward to seeing you again on friday for the colour theory class!!

– Kassy Wong, Perth, Australia

“Thank you thank you thank you so much for the last 2 days Donna!! Your dedication to teaching is so admirable. Its a shame we couldn’t finish everything, but I’m so grateful that you even gave us an extra hour of your very valuable time! I have learnt so much yesterday and today and I can’t wait to do booming bridal on Thursday! You are a god send and i feel so lucky that you came to little ol’ Perth! Xx”

– Paulina Wojcik, Perth, Australia

“The best thing I did was make the decision to fly to Perth to meet the amazing L.A makeup artist & CEO of Empire Academy, Donna Mee. Her workshops have already taught me SO much about business, marketing and the ins and outs of the industry that you just don’t learn unless you have YEARS of industry experience. Many makeup artists have inspired me throughout my career, however Donna has inspired and motivated me like no one before. Not only is she an incredible person, but a successful business woman, and an amazingly talented artist who delivers all her workshops with passion. Xx Thankyou for sharing your knowledge.”

– Kerry Tseros, Melbourne, Australia

“By far the best education I’ve ever experienced has been with Beauty Educator Extraordinaire, Donna Mee. If you want to propel yourself into a higher level of success than you thought imaginable then Donna’s education is a must. It’s mind blowing how much of her knowledge she is willing to share to give you step by step exactly what to do to achieve your goals. She doesn’t just teach you what she thinks is pretty, but instead what will work on any client that sits in your chair. If you look at her graduates work you see that they are top of their game and killing it in the industry. There are a lot of famous artists out there, however, most are not great teachers. I challenge you to find any school, or educator who has created artists that can rival the work of Donna’s grads. It doesn’t exist. The added bonus is that she is the kindest, most genuine person you could hope to meet.”

– Jen Ellis, Perth, Australia

“For anyone thinking about doing aDonna Mee class in Perth…, all I can say is DO IT! Donna has the key to unlock your career as a successful makeup artist! I struggled to get the funds together for today’s class, but I did it and am so grateful as I know what I learnt today will take me to the next level of my career!”

– Nicole Forde, Perth Australia

“Donna, you are MY IDOL!!!  Words cannot explain how incredibly smart and inspirational this woman is!  Oh and SUCCESSFUL!  I have you to thank for the “highs” in my life at the moment.  The abundant amount of info I’ve learnt from you has been insane and this has given me so much more drive to achieve bigger and better things in my career.   Things that I’ve wanted but didn’t think I could get.  So thank you Donna!  I can’t thank you enough for all you have taught me over the past 2 weeks. “Holy Shit!”  You have helped me to improve my career tenfold now and in the future   I can’t wait to see you again, will miss you.“

– Priscilla Christine Gontran, Perth Australia

“The 2 day workshop with Donna Mee and George Favios was intense and mind blowing! The information Donna and George shared with us is something that you cannot find in Google!

The workshop gave me a better understanding and direction on how to accomplish my goals as a makeup artist. Donna talked indepth about the science behind the makeup and also empowered me to think outside the box. I could go on and easily wright 1000 plus words about the workshop but to sum it up, Donna Mee’s training is one of a kind and the best there is based on my experience.

I believe that taking workshops by Donna is a must if you are serious in establishing a career in makeup artistry and being known in producing high quality work.”

– Jo Candelaria, Sydney, Australia

“Thank Donna for everything that you taught us.  I swear that I don’t know how you can remember all of the curriculum in makeup and skin care wise!  You have soooooo much valuable information.   I wish I could record every single thing you say because I never want to miss anything you have to tell us students.  I can’t stop telling my family about everything you have taught me.  I know I need to breakthrough my shyness and out of my comfort zone.  I’m really grateful that you personally take time to teach all of us.  I knew in my heart this was the school I wanted to go to and I’m so thankful I was accepted to your Academy.   Thanks for everything thanks for passing your knowledge.  I’m really looking forward to talking the rest of my classes and workshops at Empire Academy of Makeup.  I can’t wait for more of your wisdom.”

– Stephanie Brito-Morales, Santa Ana, CA

“Donna…. I can’t THANK YOU ENOUGH for being such an AMAZING TEACHER!  Inspiration! AMAZING Woman!  I am forever grateful for having the opportunity to have been in this semester’s Intro to Makeup class. You have taught me so much that I know I would’ve never learned anywhere else.  I know I will be seeing you in the next course, Expert Artistry for sure!  And at the workshops in between… I am not going to lie.  This class was tough and I know it only gets tougher… but I KNOW I am getting the BEST education with you and having a teacher like you who genuinely cares so much has been so important! Thank you again Donna!”

– Joy Tiger, Fountain Valley,CA

“Donna, I wanted to say that it was a pleasure being in your class I’m super duper appreciative of you!  I’m so happy I was able to be apart of your Introduction To Makeup Artistry course and learn so so much about skin care and makeup that I never even knew before!  You are a phenomenal, smart woman!  I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher loved that you pushed us so hard so that we could be the best of the best and to set us apart from the other makeup artists!  I love how you have such a big heart and you genuinely care about every one of your students!!  Anyway thanks again for having me in your class!  I hope to be in your next class soon.  I am forever grateful for the knowledge you have taught me and I’ll have that in my mind and heart forever!!  I will also forever hear your voice in the back of my head hahahah!  Thank you for the opportunity, because with out you, I’d still be lost as far trying to figure out what career I wanted to pursue.  I now know that makeup artistry is it and I’m destined for success! Thanks so much you’re the best!!”

– Christina Tuimalo, Los Angeles, CA

“Donna, Just wanted to tell you that I am booked for a job on Monday doing makeup for a digital extra for “The Biggest Loser!” I couldn’t have booked it without your guidance, which has become a sort of “What would Donna do?!” voice in my head. ha! So excited!! Can’t wait to take your Hairstyling for the Set workshop because I could’ve made even more $$!!”

– Leslie Swift Armstrong, Orange County, CA.

“Donna, I wanted to let you know how stoked I was after doing makeup for my second wedding today! While I was in my fifth week of classes at Empire Academy, I assisted on my very first wedding. I was not very confident then. But I assisted the same makeup artist on another wedding today. Even though so far, I have only had four days of P.R.B., (Print, Runway & Bridal Class) after the wedding this morning, I walked out of there so satisfied and so confident! I avoided all the mistakes that I’ve since learned I did in the first wedding and improved so much. But also, I saw a huge difference between the quality of my work and the other makeup artist I worked with; who is self-taught and been doing bridal makeup for six years. I was honestly intimidated working with this artist at first because of her years of experience. But today, I saw the artists work up close when the clients came to me so I could do their lips. I almost freaked out because it was so bad! The foundation was dry and cracked and the eye shadow and eyeliner was terrible. It all looked TERRIBLE up close. Whereas mine looked fabulous at a distance and up close because I followed all the steps you taught us in the Introduction to Makeup, Expert Artistry Techniques and Print, Runway & Bridal courses! She didn’t even bother prepping the client’s faces and told me I didn’t have to either. But I’VE seen the difference when you don’t prep!! Like you always say, “You don’t know what you don’t know!” WHAT WOULD I HAVE DONE WITHOUT YOU AND THE EDUCATION YOU HAVE GIVEN ME?! Seriously!!

Now I finally understand what you meant when you said, “Your services and rates should be what you know and believe in our hearts you are worth.” I have already learned so much that it is incredible. I still have a long way to go but I’m so excited to learn more in my final 4 weeks of your P.R.B. course. I really appreciate you Donna. Thank you for everything you do for us students.”

-Rachelle Lee, Cerritos, CA

“Donna, I wanted to tell you that your class on “How to Achieve Freelance Career Success” was really fantastic and a huge eye opener.   You confirmed a lot of the things I had researched about but in a whole heap more detail that made so much sense.  After you taught us how to get free publicity and exposure, you asked the class who was going to contact the newspapers, magazines or media for exposure.  I raised my hand, although not knowing how I was going to do it.   But, after just about a month after your marketing class, I’ve already done it!  I wanted to let you know that I will be featured in BRIDE Magazine in an upcoming article they are doing for the March issue!   I wish there were more educators like yourself here in Sydney, Australia who were honest and tell it like it is, like you do.  I loved it!  Every bone in my body is dying to do more training courses with you.   Please come back to Sydney whenever you can.   Thank you so much Donna.  Thank you for being a big inspiration!”

– Thi Liu, Sydney, Australia

“”I decided that I wanted to do makeup because I no longer felt fulfilled working as a hairstylist in a salon.  Makeup artistry seemed like the perfect solution to transition into from hairstyling.  I researched and visited many makeup schools in Los Angeles but no school offered the type of advanced curriculum that Empire Academy of Makeup is known for. So I enrolled even though it meant I’d be driving almost 4 hours a day to attend.  Attending this school is the best career decision I ever made!

I learned so much from Donna Mee, my Instructor and owner of the Academy.  Not only while I attended the school but I continue to learn because she continuously answers any and all questions I have even though I have already graduated.

I graduated the 1st week of April 2012 and a month and half later I was already doing, not just bridal makeup but had already done a celebrity wedding!  Two weeks after that bridal client, I was given a booking by Donna and former academy graduate, Kenetia Lee to do makeup for Wendy Williams.  Once there, I used the my client psychology and industry networking skills to additionally do makeup for NeYo at the event.  My business and experience is constantly expanding.  I have only been out of makeup school for six months at this time and I have already created excellent working relationships with many celebrities, producers, photographers, modeling agencies and models. I work constantly and I LOVE what I do!  Attending Empire Academy of Makeup is one of the best  decision I ever made!”

– Jazzmene Ellison, Los Angeles, CA

“Hi Donna, I wanted to tell you that you are AMAZING!  Everything I’ve learned from you has been working to my advantage. I test shot with 3 photographers this past weekend and all of them were impressed with me and with my work.  One of them told me that he could tell I was good by my professionalism and the caliber of my models makeup.  The next day when he was looking at the pictures he texted me to tell me that he learned a lot from me about lighting and bone structure because I gave him some of the tips I learned from you.  I never expected anyone to think I was already really good just months after finishing the Print, Runway & Bridal makeup class.  I couldn’t have done it without you.  All the scientific theory, application techniques, client and crew psychology, and all the methods you created and taught me makes me feel like I’ve been doing this for many years and it shows in my work.  I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned from you.  That’s why I will never miss any future classes you teach because it’s SUCH A VALUE to hear you speak. I just wanted to thank you again.   Love You Tons!”

– Sarah Araza, Orange County, CA

“I did a makeup techniques class with Donna Mee the first time she came to Australia in 2010 and was BLOWN AWAY by how much I learned with her. I learned more in 2 hours than I had in a whole year of studying makeup at school!

Earlier this year when Donna came back to Australia, I decided I wanted to have a private lesson with her. I just knew how valuable her knowledge was and needed it to be a more personal experience to really help me with my ambitions and goals as a professional makeup artist. I was going for a new job as head makeup artist with a new high fashion brand, I was really stuck with interview techniques and I was up against a woman who had been with the company for 13 years!

Everything I thought I was doing right for the interview was wrong! Donna made sense of everything and just amazed me with every word that came out of her mouth. After my private session with her I felt so ready for the interview and confident. The interview I had with the international brand manager and educator was an incredible success and I honestly don’t think I would have gotten that job even slightly without Donna’s help. I have always been horrible with interviews, but this really changed everything for me. She also advised me on tips on having a successful freelance business and now I am able to balance working both for an amazing brand and working independently.

I believe her knowledge of the business side of makeup is incredibly powerful and just as inspiring as her knowledge of makeup application.  Thank you for everything Donna, you have changed my life!”

– Kaysia Joy Fair, Melbourne, Australia

“First of all just want to say I just love love love you. I saw you at IMATS this year in Sydney. I attended one of your IMATS workshops that goes for an hour. I learn so much from that session. I have been using all the techniques that I have learned from you and all I can say is …. It’s AWESOME. You’re AWESOME. I would love to attend your exclusive workshop if you ever come back next year here in Sydney. Imagine what I can learn from you in a days worth.”

– Joanne Candelaria, Sydney Australia

“Donna Mee, you’re such an inspiration to me. Your workshop at IMATS, LA 2012 was definitely the highlight of the show. I bought every product you suggested from Senna cosmetics and I love the brand! I was busy running around to many different classes trying to soak up tips and knowledge, but none of the other speakers made an impact on me. You truly have a gift for teaching and inspiring. I am truly blessed to have been able to attend that class. Your tips on contouring and highlighting made so much more sense than how I was taught to me years ago…

I’m a trainer and photographer at a makeup academy in South Africa. I would love doing some courses with you, Empire Academy of Makeup looks mind blowing! But until then I will follow your career with much enthusiasm and excitement. Keep up the amazing work. You’re a legend!”

– SJ Van Zyl, Cape Town, South Africa

“When signing up to take Donna Mee’s 4 week Master class in Sydney, I was expecting the best having already seen her seminar at IMATS the year before.  Throughout the course and afterwards, I can say that Donna actually exceeded my expectations by far.  Every day I was having “light bulb moments.”   Before Donna’s class, I had previously studied at a makeup school and felt as though I really hadn’t learned much there.   Donna’s class was a different experience and very refreshing.  Her approach to teaching is like nothing I have ever experienced before; everything she says completely makes sense and is so interesting.  The way Donna goes in-depth on theory and holds your attention is amazing.  I cannot thank Donna enough for everything she has taught me I am forever grateful!!”

– Bronwyn Candy-Keeley, Sydney, Australia

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the 2 amazing classes!  Make Up For Ever is VERY Lucky to have such a talented fan of their products and we were certainly Lucky to have you teach us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

– Kevin Barry, Los Angeles, CA

“Thanks for the Art of Contouring Class. I learned more about contouring and highlighting in 2 hours of your class than i did in 2 months training elsewhere!”

– Linda Romero, Los Angeles, CA

“Donna, thank you so much for the class and all the personal makeup tips…you are awesome! I was just raving about your class to one of my friends and she is not even in the industry!  LOL!  Your classes have really made such a difference in the way I see faces now…It’s been a total game changer for my career!! Thank you again! smile”

– Jennifer Malaszczuk, Los Angeles, CA

“I loved your presentations at IMATS, Donna, you are very exciting, informative and humorous.  Also scary at times but so inspiring!  Thank you for sharing your hard earned experience and knowledge with us.”

– Tracy Becken, Locks n Lashes (Hair & Makeup Designers)

“Thank you thank you thank you Miss Donna Mee for the 2 most incredible days of my life. The Workshop you created with George Favios was truly AMAZING. As always the knowledge, skill and passion that you shared with us was invaluable, so so many hints & tips to help us on our journey to perfect close up print work. What an incredible opportunity to put it all into practice straight away on some stunning professional agency models, to then be shot by a world renowned photographer, George Favios!  What more could you possibly ask for! WOW WOW WOW, I just can’t wait to see the finished pics and have them front & center in my portfolio. Thank you ever so much, I’m still feeling elated and can’t wait to do it again next year should it happen again in whatever state you decide! XO”

– Karen Dyer, Terrigal, Australia

Thank you for being so amazing and inspirational, but also so down to earth and real. I only got to see your presentation at IMATS on Saturday as I had to fly back to the Gold Coast shortly after, but it made my day. I am now refreshing my portfolio and also my facebook page based on the advice you gave.  I am a massive fan of natural beauty makeup and would love to get into commercial and editorial one day and its people like you who keep that dream alive.  You are a breath of fresh air and totally hilarious if i might add. Thank you 🙂

– Meg Wright, Australia

Words can’t express how much love and respect I have for Donna Mee as a person and a makeup artist. Thank you for your honestly and sharing your knowledge, love and passion in beauty and makeup artistry. So from know on when people ask me how long have I been doing makeup. I’d say I have been doing makeup since 2008 and educated 2012. I will definitely do more of your upcoming classes and I highly recommended all your classes for anyone who is serious in making it in the industry and being known for producing high quality makeup artistry. Thank you again Donna.

– Jo Candelaria, Sydney Australia

I was fortunate to do the class today and all I can say is “OMG!!!” Donna’s knowledge is PRICELESS…….I learned so much in 2 days I AM SPEECHLESS……WOW!!!!

– Helen Shamsabadi, Melbourne, Australia

When I signed up for the Complete Beauty Makeup program at Empire Academy, I knew that I wanted to focus on the bridal market. Donna’s Print, Runway and Bridal class and in-depth bridal marketing really exceeded my expectation of how much we would learn about doing weddings! Not only did she give tons of valuable, time-tested tips on how to get a business started with brides-to-be and spreading the word in the industry, but even how to plan the scheduling and make a wedding job run smoothly. It’s been just over two years since my first paid wedding, and I have already worked with over 200 brides! I could not have done it without Donna’s ideas and guidance, and I want to thank her for helping me pursue my dream!  I have since been voted the top bridal makeup artist in Orange County many times.

– Berit Deguid, Laguna Beach

Hands down the best makeup training! Donna is so passionate about helping all of her students find their passion and be successful in the working world. You won’t just learn about makeup application, you get one of the most comprehensive skin care classes…it will blow your mind. Also, you will get photos for your portfolio which will help you launch your career. I love Donna:)

– Lisa Strutz, San Francisco, CA

Thank you for last night’s portfolio and career marketing seminar. It was very informative and a wonderful networking opportunity.

– Robert Cooper, Los Angeles, CA

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you so much for the opportunity you have given me to be an intern.  You don’t know how long I’ve prayed for a mentor like you.  Someone that would be willing to share their knowledge and answer my questions when I feel stuck.  When I make it to the 10% of makeup artists that are super highly successful I’ll make sure to help the newbies like me as you are doing for me.

– Veronica Mendoza, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for inviting me to the amazing event “BRING YOUR PORTFOLIO & CAREER TO THE NEXT LEVEL” at the beautiful new location. It was great to see the makeup icon, Donna Mee, educate and provide her tips to all participants there.  Donna is just an overall incredible person that has a true passion for fashion and beauty.  She loves to help others by inspiring makeup artists and photographers further their career. It was also great to meet fashion photographer, David Nguyen, who works with Donna a lot. These two gifted artists make mind blowing masterpieces.

– John Pham, Los Angles California owner of ModXchange

The seminar “Taking Your Portfolio & Career to the Next Level” was a top notch presentation by a credible and very experienced speaker in the field of makeup named Donna Mee.  The location was perfect, the info was valuable as well as timely, and people were taking plenty of notes to highlight and retain the knowledge gained.  While I’m highly confident all the makeup artists gained a great deal from this presentation, being a photographer, the information presented was equally valuable to me.  I will use it in perfecting my craft and my communication in collaborating with makeup artists.  I left very satisfied with the knowledge gained.

– John Hawkins, Garden Grove, CA

Donna, you are truly a genius.  I took your inspirational class “Taking Your Portfolio and Career to the Next Level” and got three paid gigs for this month the very next day!  If that’s not a successful testimonial, I don’t know what is!  Thank you!  🙂


– Lila Romay, Laguna Beach, CA

What a spectacular event! Donna Mee is one of the best speakers I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. For those that attended the OC Make Up Enthusiasts event I hope you had as good of a time as I did.  Thank you, Donna Mee for everything!  Empire Makeup Academy is a gorgeous location.

– Sal W Hanna, Huntington Beach, CA

Thanks for all the information from last night’s career marketing event.  Now I can look at my portfolio  with a better understanding.  Also, I took the Hairstyling for the Set workshop at Empire Academy of Makeup back in 2005 and it has been very helpful to add hair work to my makeup artistry services for my photo shoots.  Thanks so much!

– Amy Orona, Laguna Hills, CA

I am a better makeup artist because of your teachings.  I can’t wait to take another class.  My words don’t really do it justice, but it’s heartfelt.  Thank you for being so straightforward and generous in your teachings. Your guidance has already helped me see the art of makeup in a different light. I am proud to have been part of your San Francisco classes!  I will take more of your classes, via webinar if I have to!

– Carrie Aldous, San Francisco, CA

I cannot begin to express how grateful and humbled I am to have met you. Your presence will be sorely missed and I look forward to your next class! Hopefully I’ll be able to make it to SoCal.

I’ve invested money here and there in classes and I’ve always walked away learning at least one new thing to add to my ‘hobby’. To be quite honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect and I wasn’t sure if it would have been any different from all the other classes I’ve attended that promise to teach you something new. HOWEVER, in your class I not only learned new ways to do something applicable to my business, but your technique set off so many light bulbs! I swear the room was getting brighter as the minutes ticked by! I’m really excited to apply it to my business. Yes, my business!! Because of your big heart and love of sharing, I’m going to work on building my confidence and apply what you’ve taught me into a successful career! Thank you!

– Sonja Tam, Hillsborough, CA

Are you sitting there wondering “Should I do a Donna Mee Master Class, and Whats in it for me?  Well let me tell you briefly about my experience. I did 3 of her classes over the past week and… OMG OMG OMG!

I don’t care if you have been teaching makeup for 25 years like me, You NEED to do her class for inspiration and motivation.  If you are trying to build a business, you NEED to do her class to make real money.  If you are a student, you NEED to do her class to prevent years of frustration and to ensure you are always re-booked!  If you love makeup, you NEED to do her class for yourself. I guarantee you will never regret it because you will look better everyday of your life forever more.  If you want a successful competitive retail business you MUST do her classes!  If your wondering what I really need in my kit? You NEED to do Donna’s class.  Never before have I witnessed such a generous class, Donna shares her own personal kit with all and will give constructive criticism on your products. Donna Mee is one hell of a classy lady who is way to modest!

The chick worked with “KEVYN AUCOIN!” Her wrap sheet is mind blowing!

Most of her classes are full of ladies that have attended previous classes of Donna’s (What does that tell you?!) They have traveled from all over Australia, at much expense to sit before her again and again.  Several already signed up to study with Donna in California at her massive academy for a year even after they’ve taken multiple classes!  She has changed my view of makeup forever!  I can’t stop staring at peoples faces and seeing them differently, I can’t sleep thinking about painting faces. BEG, BORROW OR STEAL To be at the last remaining classes! Do yourself a favor!

– Cal Butler, Coffs Harbour, Australia

Sunday, at IMATS you were just brilliant!  I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned A LOT!!  But thank you, thank you, thank you, for Tuesday nights training.  It was just AMAZING.  I learned more in 3 hours from you about makeup application than in any other course I have ever taken; and some of my past courses have been several months long!!  You are a true master, a complete inspiration!! I will be campaigning to have you speak again at The International Makeup Artist Trade Show Sydney, again next year!  Come hell or high water they HAVE to invite you back!  Bring on the hands-on workshops run by Donna Mee!!  Have a safe flight home to the USA.  xo

– Karen Dyer, Wamberal, Australia

I hope someday soon I will be able to come to the USA to take more classes from you. I’d do anything to get u back here in Sydney! I was not joking when I told you that I was seriously lost as to what I wanted to do in my life. I never even thought about being a makeup artist at all until I saw you speak at IMATS. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration to me. You are responsible for changing my whole career path and I LOVE it!

– Cindy Tran, Sydney, Australia

I am doing really well and living my dream. Donna MEE gave that to me. She pushed me so hard when I was at Empire to make sure I was doing what I loved, and what I wanted to do as far as a career. I took that and ran with it. I am so happy! I have flourished with all that I’ve learned from Empire, and along the way.

– Tianna Atwood, Hollywood, CA

Dear Reader/ Donna’s student or graduate/ person who wants to really learn about Beauty, makeup and skin care:  Before I tell you what you’re getting yourself into, I’m going to brag a little bit about how Donna Mee literally changed my life in FOUR hours. Yes, four hours!  (You know, the eight thirty minute episodes of Family Guy or the Kardashian’s that you may typically waste time with.)

Within the first four hours of my first class at Donna’s school, Empire Academy of Makeup (for those serious about makeup) Donna had given me way more knowledge to me than I had learned in high school, college, and pretty much LIFE all together.  You are about to embark on a seriously scientific and life-changing book.  Well, not a book, not really a manual or a guide either. But a bible for everything to do with beauty. Yes, I went there. BIBLE!

Donna Mee owns, runs and teaches at a professional makeup artistry academy. (who DOES that?) She changes lives daily with her knowledge in skincare, color theory, the epitome of beauty, makeup placement, application techniques, usage of brushes, proper hygiene, product knowledge , and everything in between.  It’s not enough for her to just teach you how to achieve a smokey eye or perfect brows or whatever the curriculum is for the day.  She will teach you to really grasp, the “WHY” behind everything she teaches.  Most people have no idea why they do makeup the way they do but everything Donna teaches is based on science and she makes it interesting and memorable.  So if you are curious to know why we do anything we do with makeup, the hang onto your makeup brushes, you’re about to learn!   You’ll understand the purpose of each product and application technique and you’ll never be confused on what to purchase or do with your products ever again.

You will learn to accept, and EMBRACE your BEAUTY that lies beneath that smokey eye in which you will soon know how to properly “ROCK.”  This beauty bible is going to be passed on for many generations.  Read this. Keep this. Forever.  Don’t let your friend borrow it. Make them buy their own, or buy it for them.

A lot of self-taught makeup artists, or even the ones that have gone to makeup schools have to learn by trial and error, but Donna Mee gives you the TOOLS to fully understand the makeup world in order for you never to take the confusion out of things.  I’m sure you’ve heard the quote, “Give a man a fish, and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for life”?  Enough said.

Not only did I learn an extreme amount to prepare me for my career growth, but Donna has been there for me through my personal growth as well.  Like I said, you read this and learn to embrace your beauty, you’re about to feel HOT! (Cue the music, please)  Now move along and prepare to learn how to improve your own makeup and anyone else’s you do in the future.

“Stephanie Jun, Empire Graduate 2009″ Cerritos, California

I don’t come to see you as often as I’d like, I don’t assist the Academy instructors as often as I want to, but when I do, I feel so honored that you trust me helping guide ‘your babies.’ When I get huge thanks, hugs and even tips from my clients, I owe them all to you! YOU are the reason I LOVE what I do because I know I learned from the BEST beauty educator, mentor, guru possible!

– Sonia Rodriguez Suttles, Buena Park, CA


Last night five Empire grads, Berit Degruid, Lettie Mix, Lauren Breedon, Sonia Suttles and I got together last night and I wish you had been there to hear all the wonderful things we said about you and how grateful we are of everything you have done for us in our careers.  We love you and are thankful to know such a tenacious and caring person. XOXOXO Never doubt you are loved and appreciated. Thank you always.

– Jennette Pulecio, Tustin, CA

I saw you at IMATS in Sydney as well as hundreds of others. I listened to all that you told us and was very inspired by you. The time and effort you put into teaching every one of us is definitely not in vain.

– Amanda Rickman, North Queensland, Australia

I saw you at Sydney IMATS this year and your words spoke such inspiration to me! I took so much away from seeing you speak for just an hour.  Your product knowledge, concealing tips, brush types, close up work, corrective work, contouring, light and shade. It was amazing! You were so inspirational. Thank you for your guidance.

– Melanie Jordan, Tuncurry, Australia

After 15 fabulous years of doing makeup for amazing brides, I can finally say I was my own best client as I did the makeup for my own wedding. Donna, I remember the day I came to your first makeup studio to have my makeup done for a photo shoot. I still have the huge black and white poster you had blown up for me next to my fireplace 16 years later! After my appointment with you and seeing the amazing transformation, I wanted to become a makeup artist and asked if you would train me. When you agreed to teach me, little did I know you would open up a whole new world!!

To this day, I still get giddy over being a part of each bride’s special day as well as the thought of having every makeup item and color under the sun in my makeup box! You changed my life for the better so much that it took me a while to write this post without tearing up. I can safely say that, to this day, you are one of the top peeps I admire and have shaped my life in such a positive way. For that and just being you and your amazing gift of friendship throughout the years, I thank YOU!!

– Shirley Vazquez, Tustin, CA

I am extremely excited I took the time to go to all of the different makeup schools in and around Los Angeles and then chose to attend Empire. I enjoyed the small class sizes, the hands on instruction, and the level of professionalism from all of the staff. I feel I got more than my moneys worth at Empire Academy and know I received the tools to be successful in the industry.  I immediately found work that allowed me to travel all over the United States.  In turn, those jobs lead to exposure wish resulted in being accepted for representation to the famous Cloutier makeup artist agency!  I have since written a beauty book and am in love with my career.

– Kenetia Lee, Burbank, CA

Donna Mee was fabulous today at IMATS Sydney! IMATS attendees begged her to put on an additional class at her hotel before she left. She was that good!

– Roberta De-Santis, Perth, Australia

Unfortunately I only caught the last half of Donna Mee’s presentation at Sydney’s IMATS in 2010, and I was blown away. I have always enjoyed corrective make-up, but have never had it explained in such an easy manner that makes so much sense before. No wonder she had the largest audience at IMATS. Luckily Donna has since returned to Sydney in January 2011 and I had the opportunity to spend a week learning Donna’s techniques and gaining a whole new understanding on color theory. Her knowledge is quite extraordinary. I learned learn so much; not only about techniques, but also products and their ingredients. Her enthusiasm for Makeup is exhilarating, and certainly was a great motivational start to the year.I have done many workshops over the years, but I have never had a teacher that has shared so much within such a short space of time as Donna. It is almost hard to keep up with the volume of knowledge that comes from her. I would highly recommend anyone serious about becoming a Makeup Artist and anyone who thinks that they “know all there is to know”… to attend her classes, as you will leave with a much broader understanding of this craft. I hope that Donna Mee comes back to Sydney again soon; otherwise I will need to start saving for an airfare to the USA. I am extremely glad to have had the privilege of knowing and learning from a true Beauty Expert, Donna Mee.

– Nicolle Adrichem, Sydney, Australia

Originally, my uncle helped me finance a loan to attend makeup school. I had to borrow a kit from a friend because it was all I could afford and then finished the classes. Since then, I’ve worked with many famous music groups, models, and celebrities. I’ve traveled the world due to my makeup career and have been represented by agents in LA, NY and DC.  None of this could have happened without Empire Academy of Makeup!

I can always go to Donna Mee for advice. In 2010, which was 14 years AFTER, I graduated from her school, I confided in Donna that my dream was to work with iconic makeup artist, Pat McGrath.  Donna helped me to prepare to achieve my goal by giving me advice on updating my portfolio and my website.  Then she helped me to write a letter to Pat McGraths agent. Within months I was working on Pat’s team at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, New York.  I impressed Pat and her team so much that I was offered to do the rest of the seasons shows in London and Paris!  Everyone needs goals and direction in life. If you want to be a makeup artist, trust Donna to give you honest and factual advice that delivers the exact results you want.

– Lavonne Anthony, New York, NY

You are an incredible talent, an inspiration, and a beautiful & generous person as well.  The 2 days I spent with you has been the best investment towards my career yet. Thank you for sharing you wealth of knowledge and experience.  I can’t wait for you to return to Australia. xoxo

– Megan Vaughan, Sydney, Australia

I am thankful to have found Empire Academy of Makeup. I knew I had a passion for makeup and I wanted to become a makeup artist, but I needed a push in the right direction to achieve my goals. It was when I found the school through a friend and enrolled in the Multi-Media Mastery course that I learned more than I ever dreamed possible. I now feel that I have obtained the tools necessary to go into the world and do what I love.

Thanks to all the staff at Empire for sharing your expertise and moral support. I highly recommend Empire to anyone who’s interested in a serious makeup career.

– Kim de Waide,

I wanted to thank you for your incredible training class!  As I told you before, after being in this business for many years, I was astounded at all I did not know. I wish that all of my consultants had been able to afford to attend. They really can’t afford no to.

I must admit, my own personal sales have doubled with my new found understanding and knowledge of skin care. Most of my consultants’ sales have tripled or better.

Your knowledge is so vast and your way of teaching gives an incredibly deep understanding, yet with such ease! Your passion for the business is not only motivating, but addicting. Please call me so we can schedule another basic class for those who thought they could not afford to come the first time. Believe me, they’ve all heard about you and they want a class as soon as possible. Perhaps we can all attend the same advanced course.


We haven’t met, but I would like to schedule a consultation with you.

I am a psychologist and work with many women who have low self esteem. For confidential reasons I cannot give the name, yet one of my clients has made an amazing amount of progress recently. Upon asking her what has happened, she informed me that she attended one of your all day seminars and also had a private makeup lesson.

I thought you’d like to know my client made more progress that week than she has in my care in two years. Please contact me for an appointment, I would love to experience your magic personally.

– Irma Lozano, Orange County

I have been meaning to send you a note for quite sometime, and have always hesitated for lack of being able to truly express my sincerity. Today however seemed like the right day to do so.

It is raining here in Arizona (where my husband is currently stationed-yes he is still in the military), and with such glorious weather comes inspiration; which since 2001 (when I first met you and attended Empire) I have always thought of you in correlation.

I was never one to be able to physically achieve what I saw in my minds eye the first go around, however, I rarely skipped a beat when it came to understanding the basis and premise of what I was being taught (This held true in my ability as a makeup artist). In time however, and with much perseverance I learned to keep at things until I had them the way I saw them in my own mind. This attitude I attribute greatly to you, and would like to express my deepest Thanks.

Everyone who walks through the doors of Empire is getting more than the “BEST” and most thorough education in makeup artistry; they are being inspired. I still do makeup, I write for as a makeup examiner, and have published my first book (not makeup related) this last February. Each of these accomplishments I don’t believe would have been possible had I never walked through the doors of your Academy.

I just wanted to let you know that I am thankful for the time, energy and emotions you put into what you do. Your passion, commitment, and honesty have and will always inspire me wherever I am in the world.

– Amy Conklin, Arizona

I’m sure you don’t remember me because we actually worked very briefly together. I was hired by you to work for Make Up For Ever in Nordstrom in Seattle when you launched the cosmetic line there. In any case, I wanted to thank you . I learned so much from you and although I left Nordstrom, I returned to London (where my husband is originally from and where we live now) and continued with my career.

I ended up managing and training for The Body Shop in London and then ended up with Golden Limited who ‘owned’ Lancome, L’Oreal, and many others. I started as a consultant manager and in a year and a half I was training other consultants in the application of makeup as well as demonstrating for exhibitions.

I finally took a course to certify my abilities at the London College of Fashion, but I wanted you to know that if it weren’t for you and your brilliant way of teaching I never would have believed I could achieve what I have without any other formal training. Not only did I learn so much from you in such a short space of time, but you inspired me.  Thank you for that.

I’m so pleased I stumbled across your name during a search of Makeup Colleges. I’m looking to refresh my skills after an absence due to caring for my 2 boys. As they are settled now in school I’m looking to return. It’s a shame we aren’t in the same country or I would be looking into your academy!

– Bobbi Rohrer-Elman, London, United Kingdom

Could you please let Donna know that she is literally kicking my butt. Yes she has cleared my skin and I’m loosing some weight (she is a goddess for that) but honestly class is really hard. So point of the email, I left her class last night with the second lowest grade of my academic career thinking thank God I passed. Never have I felt that way about a grade so low without loosing sleep and asking for a re-test. Then my poor sister who I flew out here to help me with my kids, I drag her to Ralph’s to the sorry cosmetic aisle looking at colors and trying to match her skin tone. It gets worse, we get back to my house and I make her sit until I can kinda get a match; face it we went to Ralph’s.

Then I kept practicing my brush stroke on her face because I’m not used to doing anything on humans so my touch is abrasive. Then I must have prepped her face 5 or 6 times because my touch is so hard and I needed the practice, then I had to come to work at 6am. Point being, I did not work this hard for the education that I paid $42K for, hell I don’t work that hard for my current employer. BUT I like this a lot better. So could you tell her that for me because She Really Scares Me.

– Shoniece Boughton, Orange County, CA

Donna, so glad I did your highlighting and contour class! Your classes and teaching are so unique! There is nothing else like it in Australia!

I have spent the last 2 days immersed in makeup with the amaaaaazzzzingDonna Mee. My head is still spinning from her immense knowledge and ability to teach

– Rose Hewartson, Brisbane, Australia

Can I just say a massive thank you, you have made me realize how much I love and admire the skill of a brilliant make-up artist and you have helped me find something that I am really passionate about and want to succeed in. I have always wanted to find something that I was passionate about (and to be able to make money from it would be a bonus) and I think after your classes I have found it! I know I have a long way to go but meeting you and discovering just how amazing you are has been a massive step in the right direction, so thank you for sharing your unbelievable talent as a make-up artist and teacher.

On my way home from your course I was a bit sad that it had all come to an end but I have so much now to take in and practice now so that I can show you my improvement the next time I see you. I still have tears in my eyes when I think of the light bulb moment I had with you in class.

I am really serious about coming over to your academy even if I have to do it in small steps and do the intro course first and come back the following years to do the Expert Artistry and Print, Runway & Bridal courses.  I will also work to get you back to Australia early next year to do some more Master Classes with the artists out here.

Thank you again for putting so much into the classes, I really, really appreciate everything you did and taught us as I just got so much out of it, mainly confidence which is what I have lacked on my journey to becoming a make-up artist so far.

– Lisa Smith, Sydney, Australia

Your classes in Sydney were amazing… you truly are an inspiration…. I learned more from you over the last 3 days then I have ever learned over the last 10 years… I really hope you would consider returning next year… I will definitely be one of the first to enroll in your classes…. Sydney will miss you

– Eman Makeup Artist, Sydney Autsralia

 We met last night at your Contouring & Highlighting Master Class, and after one class I have had the complete realization that I want to learn everything from you! You were an amazing teacher as well as personality. Last night gave me a firm indication on the lack of information & training I have had leading up to this point. To tell you the complete truth I came home and cried. It was the best night of learning and yet an extreme reality check! I knew I wanted to learn more, but it is only now I realize how much I actually didn’t know. In my first emails to you I said I wanted to be the choice for bridal makeup in Australia. That goal has not changed, and if anything it has grown to be more than just bridal from listening to your inspirational training session last night. I know that I have a lot to learn before this dream is a reality. When you almost cried talking about the change in people’s lives you made with corrective makeup, it hit my heart. I know that feeling of wanting to change people’s lives and make people feel amazing. Thank you in advance!!

– Mieke Stevinson, Sydney, Australia

Can I just say WOW!!! I have hardly slept a wink last night thinking of all the new things I have learnt with you, I went to bed and googled different faces to try and trace their noses to correct them by adding clay and removing clay, until my husband took my iPhone off me and told me to go to sleep!

I just think you are a wonderful teacher, I got more out of last night then I have a whole year of training at a college. I did have a light bulb moment in bed last night (although not quite the one you were hoping for with the contouring and highlights) but your class last night made me realize that I too want to specialize in corrective beauty make-up, I’m fascinated by it and what I love most about it is that there is a logical science behind it. The only problem I have now is after hearing you talk and doing one of your master classes I just don’t think I’ll trust anyone else to teach me the correct way and to look at a face the way you do, you have set the bar way too high! Another option I have been considering is to save up and come and do one of your courses in the US (unless you do meet that Aussie hunk of a man that will keep you here! ) so stay tuned as I try and save for this option as well.

I would love to read more about corrective beauty make-up are there any books or make-up artists that you think ‘get it right’ so that I can read more about this as a lot of the stuff I read on the internet is very fashion based rather than tailoring a look to meet an individuals needs.

Thank you so much for such a fabulous night, I love your honest, no BS approach to teaching and the industry. I really hope one day the light bulbs start going on in my head and staying on for me so that I can be the very best make-up artist that I can possibly be. You have really inspired me to keep learning, practicing and perfecting my skill so that I can have the satisfaction of seeing a client look at herself in the mirror and see the most beautiful version of herself. I am looking through your remaining classes in Sydney to see if I can do another before you go, so you may not have heard the last from me yet.

– Lisa Maring Smith, Sydney, Australia

Thank you Donna!  I heard you speak at IMATS in Sydney today and I learned heaps of new makeup application tricks.  And by the way, I loved the saying, “It’s the flick of your wrist” ha ha ha . Thanks again 🙂

– Shelley Veitch, Brisbane, Australia

It was an amazing experience to attend your IMATS Sydney workshop.  My students learned a lot and I even picked up a few new tricks.  I really appreciated you talking about the importance of contouring, proper cheekbone placement and how to properly clean brushes. I look forward to seeing you speak again tomorrow.   XX

– Charlie Tredway, Darlinghurst, Australia

Hi Donna, I want to thank you for your amazing contour and highlights workshop in Melbourne on Sunday. I LOVED the workshop and learned so much! You’re such an inspiration! I hope to take more of your classes in LA next year!! Thank you Donna! Have a safe trip back.

– Ebony Kay, Melbourne, Australia

Your presentation at IMATS Sydney yesterday was fabulous!  I loved it!  I picked up somegreat handy tips and tricks!  You are such a great speaker.  Yours was my favorite seminarof the entire day!   I would love to take some of your Master Classes if I could afford it. IMATS sent me broke yesterday! ;] Next time you’re in Australia, I will for sure xoI hope to see you there next year ?

– Steph Cotter, New South Wales, Australia

I met a great American Makeup Artist at the Sydney Makeup Expo called IMATS. Her name is Donna Mee and she is doing Master Class seminars in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney for all makeup artists interested in knowledge.  I went and saw her at the Sydney Makeup Expo she’s awesome!  She seriously knows what she’s talking about!

Nice to meet you at the Expo, I just wanted to say Thank god you were there! You were the best part of the expo for me.  I agree with everything thing you said, you sound like you work a lot like me! lol I give you huge credit for not only being a great make up artist but to be able to stand in front of people and teach, I didn’t realize how many things i do without even knowing I’m doing them, until you explained it!

– Lisa Mangion, Sydney, Australia

You were incredible at IMATS as always!  I love listening to you speak.  I learn at least 5 new things from you every time!  And after your presentations, you can see everyone run to the Royal & Langnickel Brush booth to buy the brushes that you have just mentioned, me included!  I am looking forward to next year! Or please do a class in Melbourne! I just signed up for your Mastering Contour & Highlights class in Melbourne OMG!!! Can’t wait! 😀 😀 😀  I will be flying to Sydney to see you again anyway! 😀

– Niva Jean Thongkham, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Wow!!  I had the best day ever at the International Makeup Artist Trade Show in Sydney!! I got to meet my idol Donna Mee!!  I learned so many tips and bought so much makeup!! My idea of heaven 🙂  Donna, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for providing Nancy and I with such an amazing training session at your Master Class.  I look at makeup in such a different light now, and have definitely vowed to start sleeping on my back! LOL!   I’m analyzing everyone when I look at them now it’s freaky! Thank you so much for your wisdom and expertise.  If you don’t come back to Australia to do more classes, I’ll just have to come to California!  Thanks again.  Big kisses (with newly a corrected lip shape of course and winks with a corrected up-tilt eye)

– Kelley Angel, Sydney, Australia

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for truly inspiring me and sharing all your knowledge.  I am so glad that I made the trip to Sydney for your Master Classes even though I did not make it to IMATS.   Although I only took a few days of classes with you, I look forward to implementing all that I have learned from you in my next photo shoot and all my bridal work.  I can’t wait to attend more workshops with you in Melbourne and in the future!   You’re an amazing makeup artist and teacher.  Thank you for sharing your amazing passion towards makeup with us all.  I highly recommend for anyone truly passionate about their beauty and makeup career to study with Donna Mee.  Their makeup and beauty world will be turned upside down but all for the better!  I know view noses and the structure of the face in a completely different way.  Thank you.

– Rita Abi Khalil, Melbourne, Victoria

Donna is AMAZING! I have gotten more light bulb moments in the past year than I ever received in 4 years in college.  I have sat in a 9.5 hour lecture and actually still wanted to go review my notes.  Donna is extremely passionate about her work and dedicated to the quality of makeup artist that graduate from her academy.  She expects the best from her students and she gives them all she’s got.   I have been challenged to go were I didn’t think I could go creatively.  I just completed my courses and am already working!  This would not be happening if it weren’t for her.  I’m excited to know that my future as an artist is going to be amazing because of all the knowledge she has so generously shared.  Thank you Donna! You are a class act!

– Jennette Pulecio Orange County, CA

As a former engineer, I have taken some truly intense classes in my lifetime, but I don’t think any were as complex or rewarding as the ones that I had taken from Donna Mee at Empire Academy of Makeup.  Donna has a plethora of information that she distributes in such a way that she always leaves you wanting more.  She speaks with a refined combination of knowledge and real world experience that is as entertaining as it is educational.  Many educators have a great deal of information to pass along, yet their attempts to present the information are dull or painstakingly sterile, like they are reading from a book.  Donna’s gift is the passion with which she teaches, providing inspiration to all those around her.  Her teachings not only inspire her students but she envelopes them with confidence, in their work and themselves, like no one I have ever met.

– Joe McDonough, Long Beach, CA

I truly believe my decision to enroll at Empire Academy of Makeup has been the best decision in my life.  A week after I graduated high school, I applied and had a tour of the school.  I realized that students must be accepted into the academy while all the other makeup schools accepted anyone and everyone willing to pay.  Once I completed the Intro course I knew there was no turning back.  I quickly acquired a thirst for more knowledge and training because I knew everything I learned was helping me grow tremendously as the successful artist I desire to become.  I have now graduated from and already have started working in the industry.  While I was attending my courses, I was already working on photo shoots, fashion shows and film sets. I have been taught far more than just makeup techniques. I acquired knowledge on skin care, client psychology, professionalism, confidence, business skills, and so much more. Donna Mee  doesn’t just teach, she puts passion into every word she says and make sure her students comprehend every subject taught.  Her fellow instructors and assistants are equally inspiring and educated on the industry.  I cannot thank Donna and everyone at Empire Academy enough for helping me start a career doing exactly what I love to do.

– Lucky Sin, Long Beach, CA

I was in between jobs as a registered nurse and reached a point in my career were I was burnt out on the stress, night shifts, and demands of the job.  I discovered Empire Academy of Makeup and realized that I could actually turn my dream of doing makeup into a successful career. I researched another local schools and several in LA but realized that Empire had the best reputation and the most legitimate curriculum. Wow, did Empire ever exceed my expectations!  There is significant science and theory behind skin care and makeup artistry which I never would have even imagined!  I studied just as hard if not harder than I did for many of my college courses.  I feel that teacher quality is the most important factor influencing student achievement.  A significant number of successful working artists have been born out of the mentorship of Donna Mee and her academy.  This is a direct reflection of what an amazing teacher she is.  It’s rare that a teacher can captivate students in such a way that she does and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of every class. In addition the entire staff is very professional and knowledgeable and there is no shortage of hands-on experience and one-on-one help.  I’m now in the process of starting a bridal business with several of my classmates.  In five months of classes, I acquired the tools and knowledge to pursue a whole new career path and an experience I will cherish forever.  Thank you Donna for all you have taught me in such a short time!  Your passion and dedication has left an impression on me and I’ll pass that on to every client in my chair!

– Suzy DeSilva, Irvine, CA

Donna Mee is a Beauty Expert Extraordinaire!  In my eyes, she is the complete master of the industry.  She truly have changed the way I perceive beauty & makeup forever!  I first crossed Donna’s path at IMATS Sydney 2010 and within the first five minutes of her seminar I was totally captivated.  NEVER before have I heard or read anything like the wealth of information she was sharing with us: “The true science behind beauty & makeup.” And now having completed six of her Master Courses that were recently presented in Sydney, I have a hunger and drive in me because it’s like I’m learning this all for the first time again. The way that Donna teaches and the in depth knowledge she imparts, makes me feel like I was reading a children’s story book for the past four years of my career, but now I have a complete encyclopedia!

Donna you are truly an amazing, unique educator.  I can tell you live and breath what you teach because your passion is so evident.  Your skill and knowledge is inspirational, but even more so your ability to explain and educate other people is second to none.  I can’t thank you enough for all that. I so look forward to you returning to Australia hopefully in the near future so I can learn and grow even more as I strive to become an amazing makeup artist.  You are an incredible talent!

– Karen Dyer, NSW Central Coast Australia

The Print, Runway and Bridal class has been the most beneficial class to my career as a freelance makeup artist. After completing the P.R.B. class at Empire Academy, I had my first tear sheet in a national magazine within a month of graduating! This was largely in part of the contacts I made while attending Empire and networking as Donna Mee taught me. I am booked nearly every day at a photo shoot, fashion show, with a bride or private client. I often find myself working with graduates from other makeup schools or “self taught” artists. I always have a line of models waiting for my chair and have been constantly asked by the photographers and models to “fix” other artists work. There is so much science and theory to understand and take into consideration to achieve the best makeup possible and so many factors that need to be analyzed. My experience working with many artists in the industry is that they don’t posses the skills, knowledge and often the right products and tools necessary to apply the makeup as required. Not a job goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars for finding Empire. It was the best decision in my life in choosing Empire Academy of Makeup as the school where I obtained my training. Now I am living my dream and loving every minute of it.

– Lucy Meza, Costa Mesa, CA

I met Donna Mee when I was an Empire student about eight years ago.  She came into the classroom on day one to share her story of how she got to where she is now.  It was one of most inspiring stories I have ever heard.  It’s not just about all she has been through, it’s that she stayed strong through it all and didn’t let anything stop her from what she wanted.  She got knocked down many, many times, but still kept on going to pursue her dreams.  She knew she could do it even when many other people told her she couldn’t.  I remember leaving her school that night thinking that I wanted to be just like her. ? I come back to Empire at least once a year to sit in on a class.  Tonight, eight years since I experienced my first night of training, I sat in on that first day of Intro to hear the story again.  It still inspires me.  Regardless if makeup is the career for you, anyone listening would be inspired.  Donna has such a commanding way about her.  You want to listen, you want to do better and you want to succeed because she makes you feel like it’s all possible (because it is!) Above all else, she cares about you and she wants you to succeed just like she did.  She gives you her secrets and tells you exactly what you need to have the success that she has had.  There are a lot of teachers out there doing what she does, but I challenge you to find one that will do what she does for her students and graduates.  Those she’s trained often come back and tell her about their accomplishments because they know she will be proud of them.  For me, it’s like telling my parents; I get that same feeling when I share with her my successes.  I want her to be proud of me because she has done so much for me. She really is an amazing woman.  I actually feel sorry for makeup artists out there who haven’t met Donna and/or had the privilege of hearing her speak. They have no idea what they are missing. Thank you!

– Devyn McArthur, Orange, CA

I’d be unemployed right now if it wasn’t for Donna Mee.  She’s changed my life in such an amazing, positive way that no one else has. I’m simply honored to not have only learned from her as a teacher and mentor, but just to have been able to meet such an amazing, inspirational, humble person in my life.  I feel extremely privileged to be able to say that I know Donna.  She was there for me when my dog died and my brother died all within the same month. I feel that she is awesome and I can’t wait until she is on Oprah to show the rest of the world how amazing she is!

– Stephanie Jun, Cerritos, CA

I feel like I cannot speak enough about my experiences with Donna and her school. Empire was the best decision I ever made. So many beauty schools or other makeup schools out there say that they teach makeup. It’s honestly nothing you haven’t read in a magazine or heard before! But at Empire, the information that you receive is so different than what’s being taught/spread on TV, in your local cosmetics department in the mall, or even from your dermatologist! And this is all information that is coming from “specialists!”  Having attended such schools before finding Empire, I can tell you-There is no comparison! The education I received at Empire was so advanced! The artistry techniques, products, advanced skincare, and business/tax information really prepared me for the industry. When I meet people, they are always so impressed. They always ask me, “How old are you? You know so much!” They are always surprised that I have so many answers for them. At 21 years old, I DO have a lot of information to give, and this is just the beginning of building my career as a makeup artist. I am so happy to be able to make a difference in other people’s confidence and perception of themselves; the way Empire changed those things for me. If you are an esthetician, hairdresser, or just someone looking for great skincare SOLUTIONS…take a class and discover what everyone is talking about! Donna and your team, I would like to thank you so much for the opportunities and experiences I have received from Empire!

– Leah Asue, Orange, CA

To Everyone at Empire, I can’t thank you enough for the knowledge you have given me throughout my courses. Of course, when I first signed up I was skeptical.  It was a lot of money that I didn’t have, but it was money well spent.  After the three week Intro course, I knew that Empire was the right choice for me.  You have not only taught me skincare (that’s changed my life) and makeup, but you have given me more confidence and the ability to make other women look and feel beautiful.  That ability, to me, is priceless.  I would recommend this school to anyone I know.

– Julie Hiles –Newport Beach, CA

Donna Mee is an Amazing Mentor and a Wonderful Captivating Teacher.  Her style puts her above the rest.  She has a way of motivating while teaching that inspires others to reach their individual goals.  When someone opens a door for you, you say “Thank You”.  However I cannot come up with the words to express my gratitude for all she’s done.  “Thank You” just isn’t enough. She will always have a special place in my heart!

– Sonia Suttles, Buena Park, CA

I am so stoked about interning at Empire Academy of Makeup. Donna-You have some amazing projects and I cannot wait to be a part of them. Also thought you would get a kick out of the fact that I just kept my friend up for 2 hours longer than she wanted to be talking about corrective Makeup, color theory, skin care (etc). I’m amazed at how much knowledge you have shared with me and how much I retained. You are an amazing teacher, mentor, and friend and have probably changed so many people’s lives in the same way you have changed mine. Thank you for everything you have experienced and chosen to share with those lucky enough to have trained under you!

– Gina Ranno, Boston, MA

This inspires me to continue to do what I do.  Donna, I get so much joy out of being in your classes. You make me feel better as an artist & person. I want to become a teacher to give the joy/inspiration that you’ve given to me to others. Thank you for being an amazing teacher & an inspiration to many people. I’m sure everyone you’ve ever met or taught feels the exact same way.

– Jasmine Brevick, Temecula, CA

 I am writing to share my experience of being taught by one of the most captivating and informative instructors I have ever had, Donna Mee.  My experience attending Donna Mee’s Empire Academy of Makeup was incredibly rewarding.  Prior to my enrollment at Empire, I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, and also studied abroad in London, England.  Although the education I received in college was invaluable, it was Donna’s courses at Empire that are the most memorable.

I moved across the country from Pennsylvania to California solely for Empire Academy and the opportunity to be taught by Donna Mee.  There are so many makeup schools, but I felt none came even close in comparison to Empire.  This was the best and most rewarding decision I have ever made.  I saw an absolute change in my skin within weeks of beginning Donna’s school and following the skincare basics that she educates about.  I have so much more self confidence now and this helps me when educating my own clients.  Not only did I learn about skincare and makeup application techniques, but I learned how to be a professional and strong business woman, how to take control of my career and future, how to possess the confidence necessary to be successful, and how to find beauty in myself—something that isn’t taught in college.

Besides being a gifted educator and amazing artist, Donna has a passion for making women feel better about themselves, which is something that many artists lack. What I admire most is that Donna is not caught up in the glitz and glamour of being an established makeup artist that has worked with numerous celebrities, designers, and photographers.  She is in it for so much more than that.  Donna is concerned with ethics, treating people with respect and sharing her knowledge to really benefit and improve other people’s lives.  This passion is so evident and it has truly inspired me in my career.

Donna is the hardest working and most driven person I have ever met. She is constantly coming up with new and wonderful ideas for her school, her students and her career.  She is such a great motivator and isn’t afraid to push her students just a little bit further.  I know for a fact that without the knowledge I attained from attending Donna’s school, I would not have gotten as many jobs or clients as quickly, if at all.  I have such respect and admiration for Donna Mee and know that although she has already been so successful, there is so much more that lies ahead for her.

Donna is an influential and captivating speaker, as well as very charismatic and entertaining.  The experience that Donna has had in her career is remarkable and invaluable to motivating and guiding others.  I would recommend Donna to anyone interested in bringing a powerful force to their team.  Donna has the ability to completely transform women aesthetically as a makeup artist, and internally as a teacher and role model.

– Katie Polak, Los Angeles, CA

I decided I wanted to become a Makeup Artist and searched to find the right school.  As a single mom with one on the way, I did not have the luxury of time, nor did I want to waste money at a school that was not going to ensure my success.  When toured of the school and sat in on a lecture, I realized that the education was rigorous, yet so interestingly presented that there was no way anyone could attend and not learn! The curriculum at Empire is very in depth and not for the faint of heart.  Donna is a passionate teacher with so many years of experience under her belt, that she can envision if you have what it takes to succeed or not.  Over and above teaching makeup, she brings things to our attention that will hinder our career success.  Many things are not easy to hear and certainly have to be hard for her to address.  But she does so because she cares that much.  From the start, Donna demands nothing less then what would be expected on a job- and I am eternally grateful for that.  She is one tough cookie, and if you’re late, come to class unprepared or with an attitude, your days at Empire are numbered.  She will only share her talents, teaching and valuable wisdom for those that yearn to work and be the best. I’ve been working since the day I graduated, even throughout my entire pregnancy.  I owe ALL of it to Donna and her fabulous, professional, in-depth, intensive Makeup Academy.  Thank you so much Donna, for believing in me, and for absolutely not allowing me to give up on my dreams when I gave up on myself.

– Lila Romay, San Diego, CA

For years I did not realize the knowledge I was missing out on being a self-taught makeup artist.  After realizing that formal makeup artistry training would be the only way to push my career in a more successful direction, I began looking at schools to attend.  Empire was the only school that was also an agency, and also the only school where classes were taught by the owner and renowned makeup artist Donna Mee.  Coming to Empire changed my life.  It has helped me look at the industry in a whole new way, as well as given me the necessary tools to compete at a higher level of the trade.  After completing 240 hours of training at Empire, I have gone on to expand my bridal and print work business. There are things I have learned at Empire that rivaled the difficulty of my most challenging college courses, and there is no doubt it is the ONLY school for those, “serious about a career in makeup.”

– Gretchen Andrews, Irvine, CA

I must say that I am extremely happy that I chose to go to Empire Academy of Makeup.  My research really paid off!   Not only is Donna Mee good at what she does but she knows the answers to WHY everything she teaches is important.   Even better than knowing why, is her ability to express what she knows in a way that is easily understood and interesting. Not only do you learn makeup artistry, but how to work in the industry, and how to be successful.

– Whitney Kelsey, San Clemente, CA

I think this school is amazing! The instructors make you want to work hard. My parents admitted that they have never seen me so interested in a school- ever! Thank you so much for giving me the knowledge and confidence to go out into the world and practice true makeup artistry. Donna is an amazing teacher and an inspiration to me. You have not only taught me the true science of makeup, but you have opened up a world of opportunity. I am already working as an artist! I have really enjoyed taking classes at Empire and I will really miss it. I feel like I am ready and bursting with knowledge to share with others!

– Victoria Taylor, New York, NY

Before I started school here, I had a vision and goal to become a makeup artist, traveling around, doing what I loved. But I didn’t know how I was going to get there. I was hoping and searching for something that was going to give me the knowledge, strength, and passion I needed. Now after finishing my courses I feel so empowered and ready to start my career. It’s really difficult for me to put into words the gratitude and admiration I hold for you, Donna. I can see how hard you have worked to get where you are. I see how your passion for makeup has not gone away after all these years. Makeup is the one and only thing I have found in my life that motivates me!

– Okie Yun, New York, NY

When I first started Empire Academy I thought I knew a lot about makeup, but after the first day I realized I didn’t know anything at all.  I learned that there is so much more to skin and makeup than many of the professional makeup artists even know.  Originally, thought that skin prep was pretty much just washing your face to take all the makeup off and that was it.  I also learned many basic makeup techniques that I didn’t even know about.  I am just very proud of myself for pushing myself as hard as I did to learn all this information.  Although, I didn’t get perfect scores, I learned from my mistakes and that’s all that matters.

– Brenda Betancourt, Santa Ana, CA

Before I started at Empire I was in Arizona not really sure where I was headed.  I was very ignorant about skincare and all the variety that makeup has to offer.  After being enrolled in the class and experiencing my first formal lesson, I realized that I had so many things to learn.  I feel so confident about being able to help out my family, friends and potential customers with just educating them on basic skincare.  I also realize everything has a cause and effect, so it’s important to start with a strong basis.  Thank you kindly.

– Stephany Barber, Round Rock, TX

Donna is an amazing human being and teacher.  Since the first day I met Donna, I haven’t stop learning from her.  She is truly cares for everyone around her and she shares her knowledge with every person that is willing to learn.  My passion for makeup has exceeded my expectations and created new goals because I know I’m well prepared, I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you have done for me Donna.  I am sure you get a lot of thank you letters, but I just want you to know that you changed my life.  You gave me the tools and knowledge that I needed to start my career.  I learned so much from you.  You are such a smart, talented, and giving person.  I feel that because of you, I feel comfortable getting myself out there and feeling confident in my skills as an artist!  Your giving personality, and leadership has rubbed of on me. 🙂 I have been doing really great! I will be submitting into portfolio building very soon!  I have been doing many weddings and working with a Hairstylist that I met at the Empire finals photo shoot.  Since finishing my last class at Empire, I have already completed 10 photo shoots!  I did an independent short film and currently doing a full-length independent film.  Both films are being submitted into Sundance film Festival and a few others!  I’ve worked with great photographers since meeting several at the Empire Shoots!  I want you to know all of what I have accomplished is largely due to the people I met through Empire Academy.   I really use the advice and many resources you gave me and it has all really helped my career!   So again, thank you!

– Jessica Hughes, Yorba Linda, CA

I truthfully thought that Empire would only teach us about makeup but it was much deeper than that.  Learning about our skin and what we can do to improve it has been the best experience ever!  All my life I was using the wrong products recommended by unknowledgeable beauty advisors.  After learning from Donna, I now have the knowledge on proper skin care.  I am constantly sharing with my friends and family on how to improve their skin.   Years after graduating, I invented several new products to the cosmetic industry such as blotting papers combined with bronzer, acne healing blotting paper and blush paper for easy touch ups.  Donna sill supports me and gives me business advice, years after I graduated.

– Mai Tran

I took Donna’s classes over 7 years ago and her knowledge still has a great impact on me today. I specialize in bridal makeup and during every pre-consultation I educate my clients on the importance of skin care. By the time their wedding day has arrived their skin is picture perfect. The knowledge given by Donna has helped me and my career tremendously. I just turned 31 years old this August and my skin looks great.  I’m aging gracefully due to the skin care knowledge I received from Donna! On behalf of friends, clients and myself – I thank Donna”

– Tammy C. Duarte

Coming from 8 months of Esthetician training, I can say that I learned more about skin care and daily maintenance at Empire in one week than I did the entire time I was in esthetic school. After only 5 weeks at Empire, I left the salon I was working for to do makeup full-time for a video production company.

– Jennifer Palmer, Mission Viejo, CA

When I attended Empire Academy of Makeup in 2004, I was already a licensed and seasoned esthetician with 600 hours of state training. I have worked with many spas, cosmetic lines, and doctors’ offices studying and practicing esthetics. Needless to say, when I first came to school I felt confident that I had the skin care market mastered. Boy, was I wrong! Not only did Donna give me an incredible insight and education on Makeup artistry, she taught me the importance of the science of skin and how it relates to the makeup world. Every day I learned new things about skin care, how to care for the skin and get results. In fact, I still am practicing tips that I have acquired thru Donna and have seen some incredible changes in my client’s skin. Donna is a phenomenal speaker and educator and I will always be grateful of her abundance of knowledge that she has shared with me.

– Stephanie Smith, San Clemente, CA

As a former student of Donna’s, I can attest to her skills as not only a makeup artist, but also as an educator and a person.  First off, Donna is an amazingly talented makeup artist; her work truly speaks for itself.  While Donna does teach tricks and techniques for how to apply makeup, her lessons go far beyond how to do a dramatic smoky eye or how to paint perfect, red lips.  A significant part of the curriculum in Donna’s courses focus on skincare and the science of the skin. She teaches her students facts about ingredients found in skincare products and how those ingredients interact with and affect the skin.  By giving students this knowledge, we were then able to educate clients about proper skin care (regardless of what lines we may have represented) and introduce clients to products that will improve their skin’s condition.  Now I realize why Donna places such a heavy emphasis on skincare.  She is an incredibly compassionate person, who truly cares about the people who come into her life.  As such, in her role as a Makeup Artist, she knows that one of the best ways to help women look and feel better about themselves is by educating them about skincare.  One of the greatest lessons I learned is that being a great Makeup Artist isn’t only about being super creative and artsy; it’s also about helping women feel beautiful and comfortable in their skin.  I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to learn so much from Donna about makeup, skincare, and how to be the best person and Makeup Artist I can be.  With all the knowledge she has, it’s only right that she share it with a wider audience!

– Audrey Starn, Laguna Beach, CA

Attending courses at Empire and learning from Donna Mee has honestly been one of the most life changing experiences for me. Before I started at Empire, I knew that I loved the creativity and beauty of makeup artistry; however, I did not realize all of the intricate details about science and skincare that really go into being a successful makeup artist. My education at Empire has taught me so much more than just makeup application skills. I have learned how gratifying it is to help a client to improve her skin, making her feel more confident and beautiful! I remember calling my mom every night after class to talk on and on about all of the amazing information I was learning about the science of skin. My mom has always struggled with adult acne for as long as I can remember. She has been to multiple dermatologists who just prescribe her more Retin-A or even antibiotics to cure her acne…which only seemed to make it worse! After learning from Donna, I went shopping with my mom and convinced her to try a new, more gentle skincare line, along with a liquid foundation, and eventually an eye cream and night cream. Her skin’s texture began to change dramatically overnight. Her dehydrated skin began to regain a healthy glow, and it was obvious that her skin was not as red or peeling anymore. I am so happy that I have been able to help my mom feel more beautiful than she has felt in a long time! I think that is what Donna’s message to her students is all about. She pushes us to reach our goals and achieve success in the industry; however she always has us keep in mind that at the end of the day our ethics, compassion, and integrity are what make us who we are!”

– Kierra Scheffer, Tustin, CA

Over the last five months I have found myself sitting at kitchen tables with mothers and their daughters deep in conversation.  The topic isn’t centered on relationships, fashion, or friendships; but rather, I find myself discussing skin care.  When I began my career as a makeup artist I did not imagine that most of my conversations would entail the science of skin.  I thought I would be applying makeup and learning about the best products on the market, or perhaps I would learn those highly sought after tricks of how to make someone look amazing like a celebrity. I have learned a few tricks and I’m developing my makeup application skills, but what I learned first at Empire was the science of skin. During my time in Donna’s classroom I received an education of the highest caliber.  Before I found a makeup brush in my hand there was a pencil that took notes on skin care…sixty hours of notes and hands on practice mind you!  Her lectures on the science of skin are very thorough and they challenge her students to consider all of the environmental and physical factors that may contribute to a client’s skin issues.  Donna has used her career as a makeup artist as an opportunity to develop not only her talent, but also her understanding of the science of skin.  Her desire to help the everyday woman feel her natural beauty and feel confidant in her own skin is apparent in the amount of hours she has poured into research and the energy she puts into relating her discoveries to her students and clients.

Donna pushes us, her students, to understand the importance of educating our client.  She truly is an educator in addition to being a makeup artist.  Oprah can often be heard saying that “knowledge is power” a statement that I believe Donna lives by each day and one that has encouraged me to explain to my clients why I use the products in my kit.  Models, friends, those mothers and daughters, etc. cannot stop asking me questions once I start sharing with them what I have learned and why they need to take care of their skin.  A conversation that stood out for me happened to be with a mother and daughter who asked if I could stop by for coffee and answer some questions they had about their current skin care routine.  I laughed to myself when the mother asked if I could spare half an hour because I knew based on previous conversations with clients that this coffee time chat would last a bit longer than that.  Two hours later I was walked to my car by a mom who could not thank me enough for taking so much time out of my day to help educate her and her teenage daughter.  She was grateful to be given the chance to help her daughter take steps toward feeling comfortable in her own skin as well as help her age gracefully into a woman.  I left that day with a smile on my face knowing that these women would take the stories and lessons I shared with them and pass them on to their friends.  They, like Donna, realize that knowledge is power and that every woman deserves to feel beautiful.

– Sarah Bonnel , Costa Mesa, CA

I met Donna when she did my makeup at a magazine photo shoot.  As a model, I had had my makeup done hundreds of times by many makeup artists.  Yet, prior to Donna, not a single one had ever told me about my skin or how to improve it.   I had a problem with acne and redness.  Donna recommended I try some simple skin care changes.  I went out and bought a few new products and could not believe the difference in my skin immediately!  My skin has never looked so good and I am grateful to Donna for giving me the gift of good skin.

– Jana Banker, Los Angles, CA

Donna Mee is a genius when it comes to the cosmetics industry! She seems to know all there is to possibly know about skin care and makeup and everything she teaches you is top-notch information. In the short time I’ve spent so far at Empire in the Intro class, she has taught me so much to help my skin personally. I followed her advice and my skin is the clearest, smoothest and most radiant it has ever been in my life! It is nowhere as oily as it used to be, which I have always been so insecure about. Just changing my cleansing routine made all the difference in the world, and I would have never known how to do it if it weren’t for Donna’s advice. I’ve passed along what I have learned to my sister who has similar skin, and I am happy to report that she has seen a huge change in her skin too! Thanks Donna for sharing what you do best with all of your students!

– Amber Dowden, Costa Mesa, CA

I was 20 years old when I first attended Empire and met Donna Mee. I was so excited to finally learn about something I was so passionate about that I remember going home one of the first nights and praying that nothing would happen to Donna so she can keep teaching the class. It was kind of strange how I wanted to absorb all the advice she had for me, I didn’t want to miss a thing.  When we started off learning about skin care I was impatient and wanted to hurry up and move on to make up application.  Soon I realized that skincare would be more important to me than make up.  When I started my classes at Empire Academy of Makeup, I had moderate acne, mostly on my T-zone. It was constant acne and I was very insecure about it.  I thought “Who would take skin care advice from me?”  During the week of the skincare training, I made all of Donna’s suggested changes.  By week two my face was clear and my skin was no longer oily.  My skin was glowing and everyone around me noticed it.  I remember talking on the phone with my sister for 2 hours telling her what to use on her skin.  She threw away her “as seen on TV” acne face wash and she still follows regimen I told her about to this day.  My confidence as a woman and as a Makeup Artist increased fast.  I felt confident giving advice for skincare and immediately got hired as a counter manager for D.D.F. and Bliss at Macy’s where I was able to help many women with their skin.  I began to work as a freelance Artist doing print work.  I often found myself in front of the camera from time to time at request of the Photographer.  Today, I actually model full time.  There is a billboard of me up on the 10 west in Palm Desert for one year now.  I can remember praying that one day I would do makeup for a billboard.  I thought about how great it would be to have someone’s lips that I put gloss on be the size of a refrigerator! (ha ha)  I never thought that my own lips would be on the billboard!  Without the skills Donna taught me to take care of my clients skin as well as mine, I would never have been able to accomplish my dreams as a Makeup Artist or as a model.  Thank you, Donna.  It was amazing to have learned so much from you in such a short time.  You’ll never know all the ways you’ve inspired me.

– Darlene Garcia, San Juan Capistrano, CA

I moved across the country from Pennsylvania to California solely for Empire Academy and the opportunity to be taught by Donna Mee.  I just wanted to share what a life changing experience attending Donna Mee’s Empire Academy of Makeup was for me.  I took a number of courses from her school spanning over a six month period of time.  Within the first two days of class I learned more about skin than I had in my entire life.  Donna broke down all of the skincare myths that have circulated throughout the beauty industry.  She also explained in great detail how skin is a science and has a specific way to be cared for.  Donna has an absolute talent for educating; she made learning about skin so exciting to the point where I couldn’t wait to go to class to learn more! I saw an absolute change in my skin within weeks of beginning Donna’s school and following the skincare basics that she educates about.  When I look at pictures of myself from years ago and pictures of me today, I can see such a difference in the condition of my skin–more hydration, less breakouts, less visible sun damage–I actually look younger now than I did in those old pictures! I have so much more self-confidence now and this helps me when educating my own clients. Besides being a gifted educator and amazing artist, Donna has a passion for making women feel better about themselves, which is something that many artists lack.  What I admire most is that Donna is not caught up in the glitz and glamour of being an established makeup artist that has worked with numerous celebrities, designers, and photographers.  She is in it for so much more than that.  Donna is concerned with ethics, treating people with respect and sharing her knowledge to really benefit and improve other people’s lives.  This passion is so evident and it has truly inspired me in my career.

– Katie Polak, North Hollywood, CA

My name is Nancy Ko and I am writing from China. In August of 2007 I completed the Introduction and Expert courses with Donna Mee. I would like to say that Donna’s skincare knowledge truly made difference in my life and my friends’ lives. Before I went to Empire, I believed in using soap and water and the same moisturizer for day and night, a daily facial scrub because I thought that all these things would make my blackheads and shininess go away and make my pores smaller.  After 60 hours of formal skincare training with Donna, I learned so much professional skincare knowledge from her including a lot of facts and theories that I did not know before. From the beginning, I had some doubt about all this information, yet I threw away all my skincare and purchased everything new. I followed the steps that Donna taught me and did so every single day. In two weeks, after years of having blackheads on my nose they are nearly gone and my pore size is looking much better. The most important thing is that my skin is always soft and moist.  By following Donna’s skincare knowledge, my skin has truly improved. Therefore, I told all my friends about my knowledge. I used myself as an example and showed them the improvement of the blackheads on my nose.  My friends knew that I always had trouble with this and I was proud to show my nose to them now because it’s CLEAN. My friends believe in me and recognize my professional knowledge, so they changed their skincare products also.  One of my friends came to visit me from Taiwan. I was so surprised to see his skin condition was bad. He had large pores, large blackheads, severe acne problems, and oily skin.  He told me that he went to a Dermatologist for help and he tried many prescription acne skincare products.  I felt terrible for him, so I told him my professional knowledge. I also asked Donna if she had any suggestions for him.  Donna told me to teach him everything that she taught me and promised that he would see difference in two weeks if he followed my instructions. I gave my friend products and taught him exactly how to use them.  After a month, he asked for more products because all the things that I taught him WORKED! His big blackheads were gone, his skin was clean, and his acne problem was much better. He said “Nancy, you saved my life!” I said “No, it was Donna!”  n addition to this, there are other friends of mine saying that my knowledge has improved their skin.  Most Asian people like to use foam cleanser because we do not like to have an oily face, but the truth is that cream/milk cleanser works much better.  My friends thought that my knowledge made sense to them, so they were willing to change their skincare products and follow my steps.  Every one of them said that their skin was improved.  I feel so happy that I made a difference in other people’s lives and I am so thankful for Donna.  Her professional knowledge brought me to another level and made difference for the others and me. Thank you so much, Donna!

– Nancy Ko, ZheJiang, China

Donna Mee – That name has more meaning to me than one could imagine.  She has been there for me as an educator, a mentor, a friend, and most importantly the most dedicated and passionate woman who showed me a dream career I never thought would be possible for me.  When I mentioned the idea of wanting to go into beauty school to my parents they were not thrilled.  Before allowing my dreams to die, I decided to meet with Donna and see what a career in beauty was about.  The information and knowledge that she had was beyond my wildest expectations.  She spoke with such passion that I found myself yearning to fulfill my dreams of changing women’s lives. Donna has the most amazing outlook on beauty; she mentioned that Doctor’s save lives, but we have the ability to bring happiness to a person’s life when we build their confidence and self esteem. For women especially, feeling beautiful is crucial for them to be confident.  I know this because I grew up an ugly duckling my entire life and many times I did not see the point of living.  Donna taught us how to make our skin beautiful which is the canvas of all makeup, from there she taught us how to enhance and bring out our best features.  I now feel more beautiful than I ever have and have started to love every moment of everyday! My mother had rocesea and I suggested skin care procedures learned by Donna; my Mom’s skin has improved and looks healthier than she has ever seen it. Her rosecea is finally under control.  My sister is almost thirty and I’ve taught her about the difference in eye and face creams necessary to restore skin and prevent aging; now my sister looks the youngest out of all her friends!  This is all due to Donna’s teachings. I have people come up to me everyday and ask me what products I use because they believe me to be “beautiful,” a word I had only heard after learning how to take care of my skin and proper usage of makeup by Donna.  I can’t thank her enough.  For the rest of my life I will always look up to her; she will always be my role model; if I become ¼ of the woman she is I will consider myself lucky.

– Saima Vakil, Yorba Linda, CA

A few months ago a friend confided in me that she was constantly breaking out on one side of her face.  She tried many things to clear up the blemishes such as acne treatments, cleansing masks and a line of skin care from a cosmetic counter.  She was extremely frustrated and asked me to help her troubleshoot this issue.  In the past I would have just encouraged her to buy some oily or acne skin products and send her on her way.  But after being trained on the science of skin by Donna Mee, I realized her acne was most likely caused by her surroundings, lifestyle or daily activities.  I shared my new knowledge on the many reasons that we can get breakouts.  I explained to her what products she should be using and also told her how she can change a few things in her daily routine to not only clear up the acne but to prevent it from coming back.  I checked out her skin care regime and approved of it although she thought that was the culprit of her problem.  I told her to pay attention to such things as using clean washcloths once on the face before washing them and to change her pillowcase every other day and to flip it each night to avoid resting her face on previous nights dirt, oil, toxins, and product residue from her hair and skin. A few weeks later I got a message from my friend thanking me and saying her skin never looked better!  Donna taught me that sometimes it is the little things you wouldn’t usually think of that make the biggest difference in being happy with your skin.  Today my friend consults me for all of her beauty needs and won’t buy anything without my approval!”

– Jillian Gunlicks, Newport Beach, CA

When I graduated Empire in 2003 I began working in the film industry, on mostly independent films. I have always loved makeup and skin care and decided to make a career of it and go all the way by starting my own makeup company. In Nov 2005 I created Seraph Cosmetics.  With the knowledge that I acquired from Donna and with my growing experience, I felt I was able to create a line of skin care and makeup that would be very “true” to my clients and to the public. Although I do have two investors, it has been a slow moving process in creating my line.  I am proud to announce Seraph is now selling our first batch of skin care and cosmetics online.  I gave up working in the film industry and began working for television, to free up my time to run my business.  I shoot many commercials for Telemundo, and also have a TV show on the fox news channel called the ‘half hour news hour’.”

– Kirsten McKune , Los Angeles, CA

I popped into your speaking seminar at the Esthetic conference after a skincare class and was enthralled!  Your were incredibly fun and educational I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know, its embarrassing. I look forward to taking more classes from you. Truly inspirational! Thank you

– Melissa Byrd-Mccullar Bakersfield, CA

Before enrolling at Empire, I knew absolutely nothing about skin care.  After the science of skin lecture, I walked away overjoyed.  I have made many decisions in my life but choosing to attend Empire has been one of the best thus far.  The instructors are more than helpful.  All of my questions were answered and if I needed extra help, they provided hands-on demonstrations.  Each night I leave school wanting more.  I am eager to begin my journey into the world of makeup.

– Lavona Thomas Long Beach, CA

I came to this school with the understanding that I definitely wanted to become a makeup artist.  I feel that I have learned much more that I anticipated.  The best parts of class were the skincare training and the opportunity to do hands-on makeup applications.  There was a lot of one-on-one feedback given during the hands-on training and the instructors always made time for student questions – I really appreciated that!

– Brittney Keller, Australia

I always thought that the women at the cosmetic counters knew exactly what they were saying.  It is amazing that I know so much more than them and it has only been 3 weeks!  I had no idea how important taking care of your skin was! I truly believe that Empire is leading me in the right direction.

– Bridget Roehr, Florissant, MO

“My favourite speakers that I saw at IMATS Sydney 2011 were Emma Hack and Donna Mee who was such a hit with her mind-blowing contouring techniques that she’s come back to do a few classes in Sydney and Brisbane this month!  I got Donna Mee’s autograph 🙂  Rae Morris was selling her new book there.. I missed her though because her presentation overlapped with Donna Mee’s.”

– Cait, Australia

“The makeup guru – Donna & me. How lucky can one girl be. Donna you are everything and more that I expected. Cant wait for July. Now my real training can begin. Thank you so much for tonight. You are living my dream.”

– Hannelie Burger, Johannesburg, South Africa

“Last night I met one of the most wonderful world renowned makeup artists; Donna Mee. Not only was she incredibly inspiring but she was so very fabulous in all the right ways. Cannot wait for her to come back to SA for some formal training.”

– Katelyn Hughes, Johannesburg, South Africa

“Our Donna Mee moment at Kohl Make-Up South Africa. I enjoyed it!!! You are SO inspiring!!!! I hope that we can one day be at your level… Thank you for sharing your story with us, it has really inspired me to reach my goals Donna Mee.”

– Naaznien Laher, Johannesburg, South Africa

Thank you for having Donna Mee Beauty Expert and Educator on your Beauty Talk Radio program! I am one of the Makeup Artists in Perth, Australia, that is hanging out waiting for Donna to come and teach us her expertise via Master classes in Spring 2013!  I can relate to a lot that she talks about in the interview and it has made me appreciate her work so much more, because I can see how passionate and dedicated she is to helping other makeup artists and improving the makeup industry!

– Belladure Professional Makeup Artists

What an awesome presentation yesterday. Donna Mee was just amazing with what she presented in the class on “Taking Your Portfolio and Career to the Next Level”  Her knowledge is deep and also she is a great story teller!

– Wang Sek, Irvine, CA

Thank you Donna Mee for the contouring and highlighting class.  It was AMAZING!  It was so good that I took pictures of every slide in her presentation!  I truly respect you as an artist and am appreciative that you came and spoke at IMATS LA.

– Bethany Ruck, Los Angeles CA

I wanted to see the judging of the IMATS contest on the Alice in Wonderland theme but I went to a class about contouring instead; it was worth it because it was phenomenal!   Donna Mee taught the class and I learned SO much about corrective makeup, contouring and highlighting in just one hour!


Can’t wait for your book! Come back to Australia and please come to Melborne to speak! So inspiring! It was so lovely meeting you and taking part in your workshop in Sydney after IMATS!  You were amazing and fun as all heck. Come back soon!!

– Raeoni Davies Melbourne, Australia

Wow, I really enjoyed this I learned a lot. I’m just starting out in makeup but having trouble though.  I went to a school in Hollywood, but I’m STILL not confident, so would love to talk with you. Your seminar blew me away.  You’re awesome!

– Debbie Young, San Clemente, CA

You were AMAZING today, at IMATS.  Thank you so much for being such a big inspiration!  I got home and worked on my contouring and highlighting like crazy.  Every little thing you said helped and made me say” I can do this- I can be great!”  I aspire to be an artist like you one day!  I’m so eagerly awaiting your book.  I just know it’s going to be fantastic!!  Once again thank you so much for today!

– Bronwyn Keeley, Sydney Australia

I loved Donna Mee’s presentation, so I also attended the 3-hour workshop on Monday night, which was worth every penny! I learned heaps about things I never would have thought about previously.

– Caroline Rose, Copenhagen, Denmark

Your presentation on Contours and Highlights was extremely informative and completely unique to any class I’ve ever taken.   Thank you for actually teaching me something!”

– Sarah Cooper  Chicago, IL

Absolutely phenomenal instructor! I learned so much!

– Meagan Shea, Gwynn Oak, Maryland

The IMATS was fantastic this year! The highlight for me was Donna Mee’s contouring & highlighting class.   Thank you Donna!  I thoroughly enjoyed your contouring presentation.  I’d have loved to meet you afterwards but you were swamped by other attendees afterwards, and for good reason!   I hope the future presents more opportunities for you to speak and that I can attend.  Until then…best wishes!

– Sharon Hawkey, Los Angeles CA

Hi Donna! I attended your class at IMATS and have to say it was by far the best class that I attended there.  Anyway, just thought I’d send you a message to let you know that you’re a great teacher and I’m a big fan of your work.

– Bailey Morrison LA, CA

AWESOME! Would love to get your book! Hopefully it will have your favorites and recommendations of brands and colors in it. You really know your stuff and are an amazing teacher! Thank you!

– Yashoda Ramzan, Australia

I also took a class by Donna Mee at the 2010 LA IMATS. May I just say “WOW!”?! It was quite possibly the best class I’ve ever taken. She really got into the scientific logistics of beauty. I have always wanted to go to Empire where she teaches, so this was a total treat for me. Donna was not only very informative, but also absolutely hilarious! She made jokes along with giving such helpful information so it was easily absorbed. I would love the chance to learn from her again.

– Lacy Wynant, LA

Hi Donna – you are amazing (and so God damn funny!)  Thanks so much for your time and presentation.  You were absolutely the highlight of IMATS Sydney 2010!  And the additional master class you gave last night… Donna, you’re amazing and are so inspirational.  You have inspired so many Aussies.   Please come back – we love you!

– Kirsty Tamplin, Australia

I attended The International Makeup Artist Show in Sydney and was there for your seminar.  I just wanted to thank you as it opened my eyes and my mind about makeup artistry!  I would love to learn and study at your academy!  I wish you had one here in Australia.  Thank you again!

– Tricia Rufus Sydney, Australia

Love my first IMATS show.  It won’t be my last- unless you’re not speaking again here next year!  I LOVED my time in Donna Mee’s class.  It was the best part of the day and made the price of the show well with it.

– Valeria Cruz  Irvine CA

Great lecture at the Long Beach International Congress of Esthetics and Spa show yesterday! Thank you so much for coming out.  It was the best makeup lecture ever!

– Cybil Solyn , Sherman Oaks, CA

Donna spoke on an amazing concept, which will allow me to completely improve my skills! I realize how much more I can work on my makeup.

– Natasha Scott-Haeussier, Australia

You were so awesome at IMATS today! You really know what you’re talking about and have a great personality. I cannot wait to get my hands on your new book when it’s released! Thank you 🙂

– Sarah Moy New Castle, South Wales, Australia

Thank u so much for sharing so much info with us all today. It was fabulous!!

– Samantha Zinko, Perth Australia

Great class. Very informative! Thank you for the inside tips on foundations.

– Suzanna Orosco, IMATS LA

Amazing! The class wasn’t long enough for all the knowledge she has to offer.

– Nicole Craig

Thanks so much again for providing inspiration and drive to be a better more challenged makeup artist!

– Rachel Nicholas, Australia

Please teach an advanced class and a bridal makeup class (beginning and advanced) next year. Would love to learn more “corrective makeup” techniques too. Thank you!

– Danielle Frey, ICES Long Beach

Awesome seminar. It was a class we should have had in makeup school. Can’t wait for the book!

– Alana Anden, Australia

Love it! My first  show- wont be my last. Loved my time with Donna Mee! Was time well spent.

– Josie Marshall, IMATS LA

Donna, I learned some amazing tricks and I can’t wait until my next job to try some of them out.  I hope to see you back down here again soon!! Thank you!

– Caroline Rose, Melbourne Australia

Thank you! I am big on highlighting & contouring. It was so good to learn some new tips. Great seminar!

– April Waller, Australia

WOW! Donna has opened up my eyes to a whole new world of contour and highlight concepts!! Thank you!!

– Jenna Garagiola,

Amazing info. It all makes sense and has inspired me to be a better artist!

– Cale Heeley, Australia

Thank you, awesome seminar! I was AMAZED!

– Colleen Morgan, Australia

Brilliant speaker, funny, explains everything so clearly & easy to put to use (with practice of course). I will be getting the book. Thanks!

– Elouise Bermingham, Australia

Great seminar learned a lot and lots of fun. Can’t wait to use the tips given.

– Jerilyn Malonzo, LA

Music to my ears!! Want Donna Mee’s book! She’s amazing! Loved it!

– Eve Chapman, Australia

Great! Can’t wait to go and try all the contour and highlight tips at home! Please let me know about your book when it comes out.

– Kirsten Fragner, Australia

Love, Love, Love it!! What an inspiration!

– Rachael Nicholas, Australia

Your seminar blew me away your awesome!

– Debbie Young, LA

A lot of info that finally made sense! Loved the conversational tone of presentation. I learned quite a bit and had fun too!

– Corina Aldaro, LA

Donna is Great!  She knows everything I want to know and she is willing to share her wisdom unlike so many professionals. She is really funny too.

– Melanie Williams LA, CA

I enjoyed your class at IMATS in Pasadena.  You’re awesome.

– Daylyn Rose  San Francisco, CA

Amazing, thank you, thank you, thank you… the makeup industry needs more help everywhere!

– Malorie Norrdin International Congress of Esthetiques & Spa LA

You completely impressed the crowd and myself at IMATS unlike any other speakers

– Christen Hiller  Santa Ana, CA

You rocked the house today at the International Makeup Artist Trade Show!  It was standing room only for you as usual!

– Joe McDonough, Huntington Beach

I popped into your makeup class at the International Congress of Esthetics after attending a different class and was completely enthralled! You were incredibly fun and educational.  I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about makeup! It’s embarrassing.  I look forward to taking more classes from you. Truly inspirational! Thank you!

– Melissa Byrd-Mccullar Bakersfield, CA