Is someone in your wedding planning to do your hair or makeup?

If you’re thinking about having your mom, sister or one of your bridesmaids do the hair or makeup for your wedding, please consider the time it normally takes for them to get ready for a special occasion. Don’t forget to add plenty of extra time for getting ready in a different location, several women sharing the same restroom, for misplacing or forgetting necessary items, running behind schedule, etc. A room full of women ready on time? Consider the consequences of running late. The photographer’s overtime fees, or worse, you altogether forgo taking several once in a lifetime photographs.

Besides the time-frame and stress, consider this – is the person really a professional? Are they truly experienced in working with the different types of skin and hair of everyone in your party? Do they have the proper tools, supplies, colors and product formulas for each person? And what about the potential for hurt feelings of both parties if someone is not comfortable with the outcome of this “acquaintances” makeover?

Don’t forget that the entire bridal party typically must be ready for the photographer two hours prior to the wedding time. That is not including driving time to the location the for the before wedding photos. Adding the stress of having your family and friends getting ready on time, in addition to one of them performing extra makeup and hair services for you or possibly everyone in the bridal party is not advised!


Love & Wisdom,

Donna xoxo