Well that’s a very broad question.
My minimum bridal rate is $3,000. That includes Bride and 3 bridesmaids. However, what anyone else charges is based on their skill set and experience. There are many people that charge $40 for a bride and those with the highest rates in town and everything in between. Please know that basing your rates on what anyone else tells you they charges is a huge mistake. If you wish to know how much you should charge, it is up to you to determine your own worth before you can determine what your rates should be. Although I’m sure many artists will reply with their rates, the Educator in me cannot help but point out many things about this situation.

My best advice is that no one can tell you what you should charge. When you are new to the industry, it is not about what others charge. Your rates must be determined based on what YOU bring to the table, not what the job brings to you!

How much experience do you have?

How fabulous is your portfolio? Or do you even have one?! (Professionally shot, not cell phone pics.)

How good is your work BEFORE retouching?!

How fast are you?

How professional, dependable and ethical are you?

How good is your set etiquette?

What is the quality of products in your kit that you are applying to people?

Are your products clean and hygienic?

Do you know the difference in photo-friendly ingredients and HD products?

If so or if not, are you using them on brides or for models in photo shoots?!

Do you have proper brushes for all formulations of products, and various eye shapes, depth of socket, and looks needed? And do you know how to utilize your tools differently for all clients?

Do you have training or self-taught?

If you’ve had training, how many days, hours, weeks, months or years?

If you had training, ask yourself, was it from formal training by someone with a successful reputation? A 1 day, week or month workshop at a scam school?

If quoting a bride, is it for the wedding day only or include the preview?

Do you have experience and photos to verify quality work for all ethnicities, ages and skin types?

Do you have experience and photos to verify camouflage makeup for birthmarks and tattoos?

Do you offer men’s grooming for the males in the party?

There is so much info that is necessary before you should EVER Quote a Rate to ANYONE.

You get the idea and I do hope this helps you. I know it is not the dollar figure $ you probably wish to hear… But it is TRUTH and those that aspire to be the best will grow from this or at least open their minds to realizing there is MUCH more to mastering our craft than doing what everyone else does. (Remember that everyone else is not successful, so why follow their lead?!) As they say, ” There is PLENTY of room at the top,” Because so few know how to get there. Those that seek the information from the few of us willing to share it…. And even fewer of those, after learning it all are willing to actually do what it takes to get there.

I wish you the best in their careers. I have a webinar on “Determining Your Rates” and “Genius Ways to Generate Instant Income,” and many other industry topics if you are interested you can find more details here:


Love and Wisdom,

Donna xoxo