Spice Up Your Sex Life With a New Beauty Treatment!

Many women are cursed with cellulite. In America, women spend billions of dollars on beauty treatments each year and a large chunk of that includes attempts at smoothing the skin. Some women are genetically more susceptible to having it then others. It is more common in women with fair skin and for those with thinner skin. Cellulite is a cluster of hardened fat cells visible under the skin. The thicker your skin is, the less visible the cellulite; much the same way that tight pants made from thin fabric will show cellulite and pants made from a thicker fabric will make it less obvious. Therefore, hydrating the skin is key to lessening the illusion of bumps in the buttocks and thighs. The more moisture (water) that the skin absorbs the thicker the skin becomes making the bumpiness less visible.

The over the counter treatments are typically some type of cream or lotion. Many have caffeine, cinnamon or some type of heat generating ingredient. This in mostly a psychological attempt for you to think you can “feel” it working. These cellulite creams all come with instructions that require you to massage them in vigorously. While you might think it is the heat, it is the vigorous rubbing of the cream is mostly responsible for the breakdown of cellulite.

Endermologie is a popular cellulite treatment which is expensive and somewhat painful. It includes the use of a machine that basically rolls and pinches the skin to break up the fat clusters lessening the appearance of unsightly dimples in the skin. There are also massage therapists that specialize in heavily manipulating the cellulite zones. What all these cellulite treatments have in common is pressure, massage or some type of manipulation to the thighs and buttocks. Of course these treatments can be expensive, even the creams can cost between $35.00 – $95.00.

In the 80’s when the aerobic fitness craze started, women noticed that their cellulite disappeared in their thigh area where they were slapping their thighs while doing jumping jacks. So, if cellulite treatments are not in your budget, you might consider massaging your cellulite zones vigorously with your knuckles in the shower or slapping the skin like the women who noticed results from doing jumping jacks. But of course it’s quite hard to spank your own rear. Who would have thought that requesting a spanking would become a beauty treatment?

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