What All Makeup Artists Need to Know About Opalescent Shimmers

PRO TIP OF THE DAY: These are different images with similar look/effect. FYI: The first image using opalescent shimmers are a professional photographers nemesis. The illusion they give with photography lighting is referred to as a hot spot to Pro Photographers, which translates to a shit image to an Agent, Agency or Photo Rep. Most GOOD Photographers will point this out to makeup artists and ask them to “fix it” and realize they do not understand proper makeup for print work. Unless this look is requested by a photographer, and they know how to light it for a certain effect they are after, don’t go there…

Donna Mee Highlighter

Yes, the Instagram and Youtube gurus & followers are doing it. However, I highly encourage you to ask yourself the following:

“Do I want to be a Professional, Working, Paid Makeup Artist?!”
OR would I rather…..
Have a bunch of people who are NOT in the industry… That I don’t even know… and will likely never meet… that will NEVER hire/pay me for my work… to “Like” or comment on my work if/when I post these types of pics? Sure you will get a handful of prom, special occasion or maybe brides that request looks like this, So if this is your goal client, then it is. And that is okay. For professionals, we also get clients occasionally asking for trendy things, while newbie makeup artists my oblige the clients request, the seasoned artists know that it is our job to talk the client out of it.

The 2nd image offers a similar feel, but the overall look and feel of highly paid work is to create a beauty OVERALL IMAGE as a whole. Great work showcases the TEAM… Model, Makeup Artist, Hairstylist, Wardrobe Stylist, Photographer, and sometimes, Set Designer, Manicurist, etc. You notice the IMAGE…. You don’t just notice the MAKEUP. Pros know that the world does not revolve around us. As the saying goes… It takes a village. Success in the professional makeup industry is a team sport. Great makeup on a shit model or great makeup with bad photography equals nothing…. Images that just say OMG look at these super shiny spots on my cheek and collarbone says… Well, something entirely different. It showcases that you own shimmery products being pushed by instagrammers and Youtubers that have been bought by brands to pretend they love items and millions run out and buy these items. To achieve success, you must become concerned with the team and not attempt to draw attention to a product you use. Until you land a cosmetics campaign… The most sought after job in our industry… THAT is the Oscar of the print industry.

EVERY image in your portfolio realistically shows one of the two options described above for where your career is heading. This group is about mastering your craft and developing your skills to the highest level, and training your eye for beauty and growing a successful career as working artist. Whichever you prefer is fine, I don’t judge. I just enjoy helping people find their way to whatever destiny they desire. Many spend years heading in the wrong direction without realizing it. Many will read this and want to smack themselves in the forehead. But only those prepared for growth will acknowledge the lesson or major light bulb moment. I hope that this information helps bring you more success and confidence.

Love and Wisdom,

Donna xoxo