Why You Should Be Grateful To THIS Guy.

Why You Should Be Grateful To THIS Guy.


If you like alcohol, milk, silk, and great skin, you should be grateful to this guy.Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 8.25.52 PMFrench chemist and microbiologist, Louis Pasteur demonstrated that organisms such as bacteria were responsible for souring wine, beer and milk. He invented a process where bacteria could be removed on April 20, 1862. Today the process is known as pasteurization.
In 1865, Pasteur saved the silk industry by proving microbes were attacking healthy silkworm eggs, causing the disease and that the disease would be eliminated if the microbes were eliminated. He was partially paralyzed since 1868 due to a severe brain stroke, but continued his research.

His invention/discovery of the liposome, a microscopic carrier capsule was first used in his discovery for inventing vaccinations for anthrax and rabies. In 1987, his liposome technology was incorporated into skin care to deliver results never before seen from a cosmetic product, launching Christian Dior as the top recognized luxury brand of cosmetics, whom has ever since been known for their cutting edge technology and product development.

Today vaccinations are controversial, but his discoveries saved many lives as well as entire the liquor industry, part of the textile/fashion industry and milk industries.
Kids need to be inspired by scientists, not reality tv.


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